Wednesday, March 24, 2010

lucky duck

after i recieved an overwhelming outpouring of inquiries from my {dancing post}  about my super fun sweatshirt i thought i should share it with the world. 

i present to you, my ducks.
i'm pretty sure at one point these we produced in mass {obviously because of high demand} but by now i'm pretty sure that this gem is one of a kind.  it has a little artist's signature in the bottom corner of the image complete with the year {the signature is little, i'm not sure about the artist}.  do you want to guess when it was made....yep just a tad younger than me!  it's from 1987.  my baby is 23 years old.  it used to be my dad's which i think makes things even better {if it could get better}.  it is thin, soft & worn.  it is perfect.

if you're having trouble making out what's happening on my sweats let me tell ya.  it's from the university of michigan.  there are three awesome ducks surrounded by streamers and confetti blowing noise makers and wearing funny sunglasses, needless to say, they are having a blast.  they each are also wearing sweatshirts {just like me} that spell out "F-U-N".  if that doesn't spell fun i don't know what does.  and finally, my favorite has the phrase "all ducked out ready to party" under the ducks.  could it be anymore awesome?  i think not.
when we moved into our new house i thought my ducks were gone forever.  i had unpacked all but one box {that i thought contained summer clothes} and just knew it couldn't be there.  we finally started organizing the last remnants shoved into the guest room and there it was.  my ducks in all their glory.  i immediately packed it on our trip to florida.  on the first day of our trip i misplaced them {again}.  ben said "jen, you just found them and you've already lost them again??"  indeed i had. i was all set to write a ducks memorial post when...ta da!  there it was!  ducks for me!


  1. I think that I took that last picture of you in your ducks! Right before we went on spring break - how fitting!

  2. Oh my gosh, so cute. I ♥ that it used to be your dads. I ♥'d wearing my dad's stuff. :)

  3. Awesome shirt... not only because it's from UofM (go blue!) but because it looks so soft and comfy!!! I have a pair of pajama pants that are equally as embarassing but I refuse to part with them because they are the softest, comfiest, best pants to lounge around the house in! :)

  4. Still maybe not as good as "Somebody in Lexington loves me". Your wardrobe contains so many treasures. I am REALLY jealous!


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