Monday, March 29, 2010

that's amore monday

when ben & i were house hunting i was appauled but the number of homes in lexington that had one or more rooms completely enclosed in wood paneling.  gross, i thought.. how do these people live this way!  now, a few month later i seem to be singing a different tune.  don't get me wrong...those rooms were still disgusting but for some reason i didn't see the potential in them that i do now.  on the ceiling, on the wall...once it's painted i love it.  i love the texture that it adds to a space.  i know this sounds terrible but i love wood paneling.  here's a few pics.
Living Room contemporary living room

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Country Living Room traditional living room

bead board backsplash...very clean
hhbradys ideabook kitchen eclectic kitchen
love the walls & ceiling.  this room is much crazier {and more fun} than i would ever be brave enough to do.  but it makes me smile  looks like spring.
kitchen painted floor eclectic kitchen

what a neat space huh?  i love all the white.  i love the texture of the beams, the molding & the paneling.
Austin Patterson Disston Architects traditional kids

even kids love paneling.  the ceiling & walls are covered in this room but since they are painted two different colors it adds more interest.
Turning One Room into Multiple Rooms | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh  kids

this pic made the list because of the small patch of wood paneling that snuck into this kitchen.

custom island traditional kitchen

i even found some wide paneling for the bedroom...
Master Bedroom contemporary bedroom

perfect for rustic or frilly spaces.  everybody wins!
Zuniga Interiors  entry

Lafayette Residence Two traditional living room

Lettered Cottage Guest room traditional bedroom
Rustic Ceiling eclectic kitchen
this kitchen is a little industrial for me but i loved the weathered wood on the island.  love.

Salvaged Material Kitchen eclectic kitchen

i found some great shots from apartment therapy but for some reason blogger wouldn't let me share them with you.  i hope to add them later.  all other images i found via houzz.

what are your thoughts?  love it or hate it?  by the way we do have a really fun ceiling on our front porch of gorgeous wood paneling but as far as inside...i have NONE so this is all just wishful thinking.  hopefully someday i can talk benny into adding some to our humble abode.

UPDATE:  apartment therapy pretties...they finally let me add


  1. I LOVE it! After growing up in a home with "the brown stuff" I never thought I'd want to see it again, but I have been seeing this stuff for a while and I just can't get enough of it! xoxo

  2. Yes! I thought the same about wood paneling. Mostly the yucky brown color that was in my grandparent's basement growing up. Along with some 70's orange shag carpet. BUT...paneling painted is a WHOLE different story. We put up beadboard around the bottom half of our dining room and it looks super good. :)

  3. Done right, I LOVE wood paneling! I totally love that first kitchen, too. Gorgeous finds, Jen!!

  4. I always wanted to do wood horizontally, and I think I saw a room done that way in one of your images. It makes sense that it would make the room seem larger. Maybe someday. I have some strange cedar paneling in one of my bathrooms that we are painting white. I am so psyched. I think it is going to look fabulous!

    Timely post!


  5. This post made me both laugh, and made me excited and hopeful...

    We had wood panelling in our kitchen, and... (wait, this is going to hurt)... we recently tore it all down!!!

    You can see the transformation here:

    However, we still have some wood panelling in my hubby's "man cave"... and we cannot tear that down as there is no dry wall behind it. So, I think I will show him these pics, and hopefully he'll let me paint it!! :)

    Thanks for the new perspective on wood panelling!! hehe!!

    PS: I LOVE your blog, I think I've mentioned before that it's my fav...
    I would lurve it if you could follow my blog? I'm still learning the ropes... but, I'm getting there.

  6. I want to paint my chairs teal - just like the ones in the picture!

  7. Can you tell me where I can find the white kitchen with the dogs in the picture. You credited it as Garrett Cord Werner but I couldn't find it in his portfolio.

  8. Hi there Jenifer- Sorry I couldn't find your email or profile on here so hopefully you'll check back. You might have already seen this but I had linked back to this: for that photo through Houzz. I hope that is helpful, that's where I found it but I'm afraid I don't know much else about it than that - just that it's awfully pretty!!


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