Thursday, March 11, 2010

in the next three weeks

in the next three weeks i want to:

make banana bread
plant 3 little pots with grass seed and set them in the windowsill for SPRING
have our guest bedroom be clutter free & dressed up in her new bedding
be tan
cook something in a crockpot
be sweet to my hubby
watch alice in wonderland
have the most refreshing, wonderful adventure with benny
read a book or two
write fundraising letters for our summer camp trip with students
paint & skirt a desk
get fresh flowers for our home
make a pillow
run outside
repaint a dresser
cheer the cats to the national championship
write love notes
see cory's baby...due in 9 days!

what about you have any plans a brewin'?


  1. I too want to make banana bread, hopefully this weekend! :)

  2. OMG 9 days!!!! that is so crazy when you say it that way! i would like to do a lot of these things with you. i might make a list like this too.

  3. do you get country living magazine? they had a really good recipe for banana bread in their last issue. i made it last weekend. very easy too! and i have plant grass seed on my list as well! good luck with everything!

  4. Thanks for visiting! Made my day! Like some bloggers say "comments are like blogger crack". So true. Love banana bread. Send some over, kay?

  5. Thanks for the ad...oh, and your blog is so cute! I would love the "be tan" on the do list!

  6. I love this! Like new years resolutions, but on a smaller scale!!! Think I may need to make one of my own too!!
    PS: Your blog is my fav. on my dashboard!!!


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