Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the adventures of mr. & mrs. b

i am overjoyed to announce that we have been given a huge blessing.  benny & i are have the precious opportunity to get away together. i know i say this a lot but i really could not be more excited.

.i've already started packing my bags.

.we'll have to endure 13 hours on the road. but at least we'll be together.

and our reward...will be a few days of this...

.and maybe a few evenings of this.

and my favorite part of all.  i'll get to laugh with him.

with our toes in the sand...

i might even have the chance to curl up with a few of these...
i've been dying to read but never make the time at home.

.thanks for sharing my joy.


  1. have SO much fun! Our best get aways always start with a fun road tip with my hubby and I!

  2. This is so exciting. I am going to be so jealous of your tan. When do you guys leave? Lets hang out before you do.

  3. i'm excited for your trip! I just noticed I/we am Mr. and Mrs. B too! That is fun!


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