Monday, March 8, 2010

that's amore monday

ok so i may be abusing the title of this post but i'm so excited about something that is happening today that i can't not highlight it {excuse the double negative...that's just how excited i am}.  today me and holly are going driving to frankfort after work for a much needed visit with our merebear.  meredith moved to louisville after she married her beau.  we miss her like crazy & are soooo excited to catch up.  she's definitely one of those friends who you know no matter how long you go without seeing each other it will be like we never missed a beat.  i'm sure you  know what kind of friend i'm talking about.  she is a doll.  she is hilarious. and i love her.  all the more fun, i'll be with my little smithwich who i spend about 97% of my week with.  we're co-workers and friends so {perhaps needless to say} we have lots of time to bond.

i can't wait to laugh & talk with these amazing women.  what a monday night blessing.

i feel like i also must add to two of my other besties have recently posted "trips down memory lane" with hilarious pics.  it was so great to read them.  if you're interested you can check them out here & here.


  1. This post makes me SO happy :)

  2. ha! i love looking at old facebook pictures and posting them. most of them are hilarious and are some great memories.

    love you to pieces. have fun with mere!


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