Wednesday, March 10, 2010

don't get any ideas...

i'm not ready to have all the babies...i promise i'm not, but i heard something on the radio so i just had to ask what you thought.  i heard on the radio that the government is about to issue a warning about baby slings and the safety concerns related to it.  i also found {this article} that details the matter pretty clearly.  what do you all think?  is it all in how it is used?  haven't people used these forever?  this obviously isn't a pressing issue for me but i wanted to share it with the mommy's out there & see what you all thought!

...i was so pro-sling and was really excited to wear one like this someday {like 4 years away someday}...
this sling is just like me.

here's a celeb dad in the same one in green.
Serena & Lily Market Slings


  1. I used one for Jayden that my cousin made me. I thought it was fine. I think that every mother needs to use their own judgement. :)

  2. How interesting! I haven't heard anything about slings being dangerous. But I don't have I'm not up on all of the mom gossip. I'm with you though...I always thought I would love a cute little sling one day! :)

  3. I never used a sling with you little ones. They were around but not as popular as today. I always thought it looked uncomfortable for the baby, no support and all slouchy. You also don't know how they are doing because you can't see them!


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