Monday, March 1, 2010

heart sessions

i am still relatively new to the blog world {compared to all those blogging pro's who have been at this for years} so i'm still getting my footing.  very early in this new adventure i found that one of the biggest blog blessings is that it opens up opportunities for conversations & relationships that you otherwise could never have had. 

a few months ago i had the pleasure of "meeting" nikki from {lovely scribbles}.  nikki is a talented & creative women from MN who also has a big ol' heart for the Lord.  i now consider nikki a dear friend.  it's weird to have friends that you've never met but nonetheless i love her artistic eye, passion for Christ & humor.  recently she has begun a weekly post called 'heart sessions'.  i want to tell you all about it but i'd rather you read what she has to say.  she's much more eloquent than myself.  please check out nikki's first 'heart session' post {here}

miss nikki made the humbling suggestion that i guest post every now and then on heart sessions as well.  i feel unequipped but so flattered that she would let me get anywhere near her beautiful blog and even more so that she would let me share my life & what the Lord has done, with her & her readers.  if you'd like to check out my first entry, here is {my intro} into 'heart sessions'. 

if you aren't interested in what little ol' me has to say at least check the rest of her blog out.  she is a doll & she currently is running a giveaway as well {double treat}!


  1. You are way too sweet, Jen, and I am so blessed by your friendship, words of encouragement and passion for Christ. This is beautifully written and appreciated from the bottom of my heart! I can't wait to see what you have in store for Heart Sessions next!!

  2. How fun...I will def. check out her blog! :)

  3. I love that you are doing this :)


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