Tuesday, March 23, 2010

fun with ben & jen: puttin' around

i told you in my last post about our 1 cloudy morning of vacay.  well we don't a little gloom get us down!  we went out for a st. paddy's day lunch and then off to the putt-putt course {smuggler's cove}.
it was pirate themed.  jenna, you would have been in heaven.
there are princesses in pirate ships right?
here's my nasty, greasy self & handsome hubs with our clubs.
benny is a much better putt-er than i.  he got TWO holes in one!  one he even bounced off a big ol' rock up into the air, bounced off the back of the green and into the hole.  i was so proud of his mad skills.  i was always just slightly off.  {welcome to my life}
i thought this was really funny.  i gather that the maximum is flexible, eh?
it was a wonderful adventure. i had a purple ball. we laughed together. and you know what? after we were all putted-out...it was warm & sunny again. off to the pool i suppose!?


  1. " I was always just slightly off. welcome to my life"

    ahhh hahahahahahahhaha

  2. "in some cases 5"...what does that even mean?!?! I feel like it means, "do whatever you want."


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