Monday, March 1, 2010

that's amore monday

today for that's amore monday {and everyday} i love maps, namely as wall art!  i L-O-V-E love it!  no one can convince me otherwise.  i would love to get my hands on some giant worn maps and frame them for a wall.  i have some diy ideas on how i can achieve the same feel my own home without breaking the bank but you'll just have to wait for those.  here is a look at what i mean....
the pic below was attached to an article on apartment therapy that mentioned using paper as art.  just paper from a scrapbooking store.  i'm loving how easy that is...but AAA does offer me free maps so i may be taking a trip there instead for the real deal.
i had to sneak this last one in.  i realize that this is not wall art but it is indeed a map.  and look at how neat this is.  it is a diy envelope that they made using google maps.  the envelope unfolds to show an overview of the coast where they live with a marker showing their exact location.  wouldn't it be so sweet to send a love note wrapped like this to a far-away friend?
{images 1-4} elle decor
{images 5-7} apartment therapy
{image 8} unplggd

other news that i'm too excited to NOT share include {but is not limited to}:
1.  we got new leaders on our YL team, kaitlin & dylan.  you have no idea how exciting that is for us at l.h.s.  the four of us {angie, micah, ben & i} are so blessed to have some youngin's on the team who have more flexible schedules, more time to offer and have a big heart for kids & the Lord.  i can't wait to get to know them & to see what the Lord will do through them up at the school!
2.  benny & i have plans tonight.  really fun plans.  i can't wait to tell you about them...but you'll have to wait until tomorrow.
3.  i'm going to get my rear in gear this week...i am going to desparately try to organize, declutter and beautify my guest room this week {right now you can barely walk in there}.  i also am going to attempt to get my office/craft room in a little better shape as well.  i know i am being overly ambitious for a week where i already have something planned every evening but i will persevere!
4.  number 3 also includes painting furniture.  i'm ready!
5.  this past weekend i got to go to south carolina on a road trip with 3 of my favorite people to visit our dear, sweet, wonderful friend shannon.  it was bliss.  i can't wait to share bits of the trip with you.  i can't share all of it, trust me, you don't want to know.
6.  baby margrave is now due this month geeesh!  i am so pumped.
7.  today is my big brother's birthday & tomorrow is momma steph's.  happy birthday family!
8.  me and some h.s. girls planned a girls day this coming weekend & i couldn't be more excited.
9.  {i swear this is the last one}.  two of our dear friends from nky are coming down this weekend and i hope hope hope we get to see them.   

.bloggy love from lexington.


  1. I love some of those wall decor ideas. Maps are so cool - they help my daydreams about traveling. Someday I'd love to have a study decorated like that - for now I compromise with map motif photo albums. :-P

    If you decide to recycle some books while you're decluttering, you might want to consider selling them online. has instant quotes, free shipping & excellent customer service.

    Good luck with your to-do list this week and enjoy your girls day!

  2. I absolutely ♥♥♥ maps too!! There was a super awesome print at Big Lots last week for $30. I've been trying to find somewhere to put it ever since. Those pictures up there are to.die.for!

    Love all the random updates! Can't wait to hear about what you're up to tonight. And can't wait to see the guest room!

  3. I totally love wall maps, too! I have a huge world map in my office at work, an obsession with globes, and I even bought a late 18th century map of the U.S. off of ebay about 5 years ago that I had all the intentions in the world of framing. Hmm...I wonder whatever happened to it... Anyway, sounds like you have a fun week ahead. Blessings, friend!!

  4. I love your maps!! My aunt's bathroom is done in cork! it has a map of Paris on it! no need for anyother art :)

  5. Thanks for the bday wishes! FYI a new map can be made to look vintage by "painting" with steeped tea. Maybe worth a try on a freebie AAA map! XOXOXOXO


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