Tuesday, March 23, 2010

spring break 2010: life's a beach

from the moment our trip began we knew that it was going to be a wonderful & memorable week together.  as we pulled out on to harrodsburg road we were greeted by this:
.one of god's promises up in the sky.
our pale little selves were so excited to get on the road & on our way to our destination, st. petersburg, florida.  we filled up on gas & got snacks and were prepared to drive through the night.
ben drove the vast majority of the way.  i tried to sleep so that i could be a good helper and drive through the middle of the night but it was harder than i expected.  maybe i was just too excited to sleep.  i took the 1 am - 5 am shift.  i drove until my eyes started playing tricks on me - then i knew it would be a good idea to pull over into a KFC parking lot for a little snooze.  i'm not sure why we were so hellbent on getting down there in record time.  we arrived hours before we could get into our place.  so after a quick stop at waffle house we got to treasure island {our little beach} around 9 am.  we went for a very breezy walk on the beach.  it was really chilly but i didn't care because i was just so pumped to be there.  

we watched surfers in their wetsuits catch the waves & older couples stroll on the boardwalk.  we sat outside at panera {once it warmed up} waiting until we could break into our new home for the week.
our place was not extravagant but it was perfect for us.  one bedroom, one bath, a livingroom and small kitchen.  it was such a blessing to get to stay there.  most importantly it had a television.  with march madness dominating my husband's mind it was a necessity that he could keep updated on scores.  we were told before we left that our apt. was right across the street from the beach, which i think is a relative term.  i think people say that whether it is actually across the street {one street} or the street {many streets}.  i was so pleased to find that this is how far away we were.  right across the street from the beach.
after we checked in & cozied in...off to the beach again.  but this time in suits.  bathing suits.  not pants suits. duh.  the weather was sunny nearly the entire trip {with the exception of one morning}.  in the beginning of the week it was chilly if you weren't in the sun but it definitely warmed up as the week progressed.  and not a drop of rain.  gosh...it was glorious.
we played outside, went for walks, found {one} bigfoot foot print.  we laughed, watched bball, ate yummy food & had such a fabulous time.  i'll dive into some of the details later. here's some pics until then...


  1. Awww, I'm so glad that you guys had such a great trip! I'm a little jealous looking at those pics! :)

    What a wonderful vacation!

    ♥ Amber

  2. Where in the world did that big foot print come from????

  3. It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful and well deserved trip, Jen! Cute pictures of you and Ben!


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