Tuesday, October 4, 2011

photo challenge: update 2

i'm back with more shots from the photo challenge, here is update 1 if you missed it.  and its still not too late to join in if you'd like.  i'm still learning and having fun playing.  having set things to document really helps me to get motivated.

shot 3 was to capture clouds.  i wanted to wait until a day where they were all pink and purple and crazy-like but that day never came.  instead this happened:
these first two have adjusted contrast so the shadows are more bold than in real life [as i'm sure you could tell].  they don't look super realistic but i still really like to look at them.  they were much more washed out and you couldn't see all the details of the clouds that you could see if you were really looking up at the sky that day.  i'm sure that is a user error and there is a way for me to capture them right out of the camera - but i'm still learning.

these next three have no editing and you can see the color contrasts a bit better.  i thought a crazy storm was brewing but nothing ever came of it -it just blew on through.
after i got home the light had changed or i adjusted a bit better and got some better detailed shots [w/o editing].
shot 16: what i ate.  ok i've eaten a lot of yummy meals lately - much more noteworthy / praiseworthy than this - but they've all been outside of my house.  and as i've mentioned, publically taking pictures of my food makes me nervous.  so here i am.  and i know you're wondering if i ate all of those.  no, i shared with benny.  just because we have a pantry full of little debbie snacks doesn't mean we're out of control [oh, wait...]
shot 14: flowers.  lately alongside every road and median i pass there are wildflowers.  i'm sure i've noticed before but i must have forgotten since last fall.  i think they are just lovely.  the yellow ones are my favorite.  this is from a park near my house.  and those are ball field lights in the background, with the sunsetting - so perfect.  speaking of ball fields, go see money ball.  loved it.
a few more from the park.
shot 15: shoes.  so i took a few different shots and again felt completely ridiculous.  i noticed that my pants were all wonky but that's really what i look like so i didn't change it.  ps.  i'm obsessed with these shoes.  i wish i had them in every color.  target $14.99 - i gotta go back.  i've heard they hurt the backs of some girls feet, but not me.  i never had to break them in or anything!
i like the blurry pavement, textured pallets and patent shoes. for it!

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  1. ooo so many great photos! i have a slight obsession with clouds. it's really bad when i see some super awesome ones while driving and gawk at them for too long and nearly run into someone. gahh! oh well it's worth it :) (PS-Want to win a pair of Cents of Style shoes of your choice? Enter on my blog today: www.rubygirlblog.com)


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