Friday, October 21, 2011

annual birthday bonfire

i have about twenty posts in waiting so i think i may be on a blogging roll for about a week or so.  watch out world, someone finally uploaded her pictures. ow ow!  so life, what have we been up to?  we've had three days this week without a lot to do and one day with a giant headache so i feel like we have all the time in the world.  which is funny.  prior to that i feel like we've been busy and crazy and great.  here was one of the 'greats'. 

each year we have a 4-way birthday bonfire out at my grandparents house in harrodsburg.  this year was a 3-way because a cousin couldn't make it but it was still a blast!  its fall in kentucky and it is so pretty to drive out into the country.  the whole drive, as we passed old fences, rolling hills and changing trees i was thinking about how blessed we are to live in a place where you get to see things like this.  the sun was shining and it was really windy so it looked like all the trees were dancing.  i need a good drive every now and then.  through mountains and tree tunnels - i'm for it.

grandma got all the little pumpkins, little pumpkins.
my little sister chels got rainboots as tall as leah's legs.  she couldn't walk.  it was awesome.
setting up for a good ol' fashioned bonfire
grandpa lucky in is wildcat gear
princess courtney

the little boys won't stay still long enough for me to get their pictures.  but i got the little girls!
benny throwing football with the kids.  yes chelsea is competing against little kids.  its her birthday, she does what she wants.
who's that hunk?
chels, friends, nick, pop &mom say "bring on the smores!"
this past birthday, 26, was a blast.  i'll recap on all the goodies i accumulated too.  they are definitely noteworthy & my friends and family are so kind and generous.  it's kind of unreal.  they know me well and that is awesome.  be back soon!


  1. you've really been taking some incredible pictures! glad you had a happy happy birthday!

  2. Love the campfire/sunset/silhouette picture!


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