Monday, October 31, 2011

first annual [i hope] oktoberfest

happy monday friends.  i hope you had a wonderful weekend full of rest and friends and fun.  we most certainly did.  it may have done me some good to do a little more 'work' than what i did but oh well.  friday ben & i ended up on a date, dinner & a movie.  the usual.  time to talk, time for entertainment.  we saw paranormal activity 3.  it's halloween what can i say?

saturday was some of our favorite things all rolled into one day.  we i slept in, we ate breakfast together, lounged around and then finally got ready for the day when the margraves rolled into town.  from there we headed over to the poston's for what would be the first ever oktoberfest.  my hope is that the poston's loved it so much that we could have one every year. [yes yes?]  they did such a sweet job turning their backyard into the most perfect fall getaway.  giant long table [big enough for all our friends], twinkle lights, buntings, tree canopy, friends, babies, tons of yummy food, was awesome.  i may have taken far too many pictures and then proceeded to upload them all to blogger.  i may have.
ben riding moose.  don't worry anne, no animals were harmed in the making of this picture.
you're welcome cory

thank you so much for planning, inviting, hosting & decorating for oktoberfest and on top of that feeding all of our friends.  thank you for opening your home [and yard] and blessing us with your friendship and hospitality.  we love you all dearly & are so thankful that we get to celebrate life with you all.  the good, the bad...the oktoberfest -all of it.

more pics [here]


  1. this look like so much fun! i have never thought about throwing an Oktoberfest but why not?! i love the pictures.



    Seriously though what is wrong with my face?

  3. Looks like so much fun. I totally need to host one next year. I've never thought to do that!


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