Wednesday, September 28, 2011

30 day challenge: update 1

as of today i should have 11 photos [i think] for my 30 day photo challenge.  i have 3, tomato .. potatoe, right?  maybe we'll pretend that i started 3 days ago?  agreed, ok.  like i mentioned i have a bunch of learning to do & this challenge has already been mighty beneficial. i'm excited to see what else is in store as a fumble through capturing life.  and just fyi, these aren't in order of 'days'.  just shots as they come, from the challenge list.
duh.  my hubs = someone i love.  its really super fun to live with your best friend.  benny was making din din, we had never made chicken in pan that wasn't going to end up as a fajita so he was being an experimenter.  it was sweet. those blurry things in the bottom are tongs.

shot 17 is 'on a shelf'.  my bestie cory got me this bad a typewriter for my birthday [that is juuusst around the corner] and i'm obsessed with it.  it needs a little spiffing up [tape removal, box's currently screwed in?] but it is just darling.  we were wandering around peddlers mall when i found it.  i left it there even though it was the least expensive typewriter i'd ever seen and i super duper wanted one [or twenty].  i told myself that it wasn't a necessity and that i should just ask for one as a gift someday.  we walked around more and more and i got to thinking, well what if whoever i ask can only find those really expensive ones, i don't want other people spending all that.  the little flashing sign in my head kept saying "buy me! buy me!" cory and rach were conspiring with ben to get it for me covertly but after an hour of fixation they just had to go ahead and tell me that i was getting it, benny couldn't keep a secret.  and it was awesome.
shot 1: self portrait is real awkward.  i see blogging girls all over the place that can take pics of themselves or have their significant others take pics of them by themselves.  they look fearless and fun and i felt like "uhh...i'm standing in my backyard taking pictures of myself.  i'm awkward."  oh, and second thought, i need lip gloss.
but i did learn a lot about focusing a picture on timed shots after taking about 20 out of focus shots [see below].  this was the blurriest i got, i'm kind of proud of it.  i don't think i could have this much 'unfocus' if i tried.  i had read how to do this a million years ago at under the sycamore but since i never put it into practice it didn't make sense.  but after battling for a long while i remembered what sweet ashley had explained and it worked like a charm.


  1. Bahaha that typewriter situation was so awesome. Benny just couldn't say no!
    I think I need to start doing this photo challenge! I tried to do a self portrait once to take pictures of the scarf I made. It was a giant fail. All my pics looked like your last one. Teach me!

  2. Is it weird that I think you and your Ben kinda look alike? Beautiful self-portrait! I agree with all you said about self-portraits. Have you ever seen the 'Friends' episode with Chandler and 'the smile'? That's totally me!


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