Tuesday, October 25, 2011

going to the chapel: steph & andrew's engagement party

so as you might have noticed we love a good celebration around here.  and they kind of just keep coming.  i maybe feel like every week is aparty.  i'm not really sure what to do with that info but that's basically my life.  a few weekends ago we had the pleasure of helping with a engagement party for my cousin, steph and her fiance andrew.  they live in nashville and came up to lex; it was so awesome to have family from near and far and a bunch of andrew's fam was there too so it was a great meet & mingle too.  i hope they felt well loved & celebrated!  her sister [my other cousin] sarah put the whole thing together and did such an excellent job, working hard to take care of all the details.

the happy couple came a little early to check out the place, decorated just for them.  benny got steph's face...so excited!
steph has this crazy talented friend / roommate that we pretty much want to adopt into the family and she made a super sweet keepsake for s & a to take home with them.  it is a count down until the wedding and each week has a card.  family members & friends could write notes, advice, knock knock jokes, anything they wanted.  i'm sure they will have so much fun counting down the days til the day!
my momma made all the desserts for the party and just looking at the pictures make me hungry. she made lemon cupcakes with glaze, brownie delights, little apple pie tarts and brought cheesecake bites.
she even made candied lemon zests for the tops.  how sweet [literally] is that!?  i'd like to eat one of these a day.
we made poms to jazz up the buffet table.  i couldn't get a very good pic and once the food was out i was manning the salad station.
::friends and fam::
me & grandad.  isn't he totally the guy from up?
::us & the happy couple [don't worry, we're a happy couple too]::
the hostess & her precious babe.
the wall behind them is how andrew proposed to steph.  it is like a timeline of pictures that were strung all through the house with a proposal at the end.  i'm so glad we got to see it!
we love you guys and are so excited for the life you'll be starting together.  i hope that God is glorified in your home and that you all point each other to Jesus daily.  so glad we got to be a part of such a fun day!


  1. I'm watching UP right now...your grandad is so the same guy! I also love that his name tag says grandad :)

  2. Ok, so this is such a cute party!

  3. It was the perfect night! I have the craftiest, best, most loving family. We love you guys a ton. Thanks for everything. :)

    And OH MY - never made the Grandad/UP connection...but you are spot. on.

  4. Everything was so great! Can't wait to hire you guys on for my wedding...oh wait... haha got to get adopted by Jen and Ben first ;) Thanks for the shout out too! Love you guys!

  5. You guys are clearly a very close and loving family...and I can tell you're the same with friends....

    Totally makes me want to move to your state so we can be friends! :P [Don't worry... I'm not enough of a stalker to actually do that ;)]

    And - your grandad is TOTALLY the guy from Up!! :) Love it!

  6. nice post dear blogger


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