Friday, September 30, 2011

the city flea

i'm a few weeks behind if you can't tell but i hate to miss a thing.  my sweet friend cory sent us a link to the city flea which i think has been running all summer in cincinnati.  from the site it looked like there might be a billion vendors there, and the name 'city flea' gave me hope that we would definitely be treasure hunting [aka gold diggin'].  we were already in nky because this was part of anniversary weekend so why not catch the tail-end of the flea's season.  unfortunately, i'm thinking the vendors may have thinned out and they only filled up one small lot.  i'm not saying it wasn't fun or neat but i didn't find the gold mine i had hoped for.  i really wanted a bench.

we did find one gem...drew lachey. 
i whispered to ben and his brother, "its the guy from 98 degrees", i'm sure i spoke super suspiciously & with all the uncoolness that i have.  i didn't have to guts to go say anything to him.  i have no idea what i would have said.  "nice day for the flea, eh?"

as we left ben said, "all i want to know is why drew lachey is eating hotdogs in an alley."

baaaaahahah to his credit, he was with his kids.  and it was a nice 'alley'.

my only purchases were some $1 books [kind of the opposite of a bench] but i love them anyway.  i love the covers.  all books should be so lovely.

oh, and happy weekend friends.  i hope it is filled with all things great.  i have big and little plans for family time, painting furniture [perhaps], sweet time with benny & friends & even crafting for future parties.  i'm still on a mission to capture life via film.  i'll update soon.


  1. Jen. You should have told him that your friend had cancer and met him years ago. :) That would have been awesome.

  2. Love the books! Where is City Flea???

  3. Oooh I like those books. Totally judging them by their covers ;-)


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