Friday, October 14, 2011

my life

standing in line at chipotle for a lunch date with jenna.
me: i was thinking that instead i might go next door and get a mcdonald's kids meal & meet you outside.
jenna:  i swear sometimes you say things and i just know you're pregnant.


let me assure you friends sometimes non-pregnant people totally get cravings for stuff that they don't really like that much.

as a gift, i give you this.  jenna and i [and holly's chin i think] from probably 5 years ago. 
jenna's a cat and i'm a white trash fairy.  yes, my face looks like that.
and we don't even drink. 
happy early halloween all!!!!!!!!!

thank you britt for finding gems that perfectly articulate life.


  1. hahaha hilarious. i should have taken a picture of you with your kids meal halloween bucket.

  2. sorry to comment twice. i believe this picture was from the night we thought it would be hilarious to go into the gas station dressed up (head to toe), then girls walked out wearing basically underwear. good times.

  3. That's hilarious -- as they say, "It's funny because it's true!"


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