Monday, October 10, 2011

love is in the air

so i gave all the anticipation and then never delivered the goods.  our own sweet shannon has tied the knot and we were so blessed to have been witnesses & celebrate such a momentous occasion.  here are a collection of photos from the weekend from jenna, ang and myself.  i took none of the actual wedding day so you know those were stolen.

shannon you were a beautiful bride & andy was such a handsome groom.  thank you for letting us take part in such a special day with you.  i pray that sept. 24th marks the beginning of a wonderful life together filled to the brim with grace & steadfast faith.  i pray that you all would lay down your lives for one another, make disciples, serve your guts out and know God & His love with deep passion.
the ceremony was beautiful and blessed.  our good friend [eric aka father ridd] married them and did such a fantastic job of pointing them to Jesus as they made commitments and vows.
the reception was basically something out of a magazine, absolutely gorgeous.  no offense, gil but i feel like these pics can't even display how sweet and perfect everything felt.  we were in the backyard of a historic home in downtown greenville.  the twinkle lights gave just the right amount of glow.  the weather was impeccable.  we danced and visited and celebrated our little hearts out.  what a great night.
so...i don't know these guests but i stole this pic of fb so you could see how friggin' darling the bride and groom are. aren't they so pretty!?
 the card box was a suitcase with a mini-pom necklace.  pretty perfect right?
a few of the bridesmaids
shan's mom homemade the favors for all the guests.  yummy vanilla strawberry jam in those precious jars.  i may have taken more than one.  i haven't tried it yet but now that we have bread in the house, i think it is a must.
not to go in reverse but the rehearsal and dinner afterwards with friends and the couples' families was so fun.  the restaurant was amazing, basically the perfect vibe.
maids minus morgan :(  dang it we weren't quick enough to catch her before she scampered off for the night.
the night before your wedding is such a crazy night.  most brides can attest that you just have so much going through your head.  the night before shannon's wedding i couldn't sleep.  what is that about?  i think i was just a tad too excited for slumber. i absolutely loved every bit of our south carolina adventure, can we all go back?

more of my pics [here]


  1. Wow, her dress is so beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful wedding! I agree with Jennifer, I LOVE her dress!

  3. Yes! I want to go back and visit. Can we still take girl trips even though Shan has a hubby?

  4. Shannon was such a beautiful bride. what a great idea for a favor gift. So glad you all had a wonderful weekend.


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