Wednesday, October 19, 2011

photo challenge: update 3

i'm baaaaack!  and i didn't look to see how off track i am but i'm sure its a lot.  i should have known better and just called this a 3 month challenge.
shot 1: what i wore.  here i am one day last week after work and errands.  after the self portrait debacle [having a hard time getting my camera to focus without me behind it] i just drug the mirror out of the garage.  treeeat!  classy right?  bahahahha

how awesome is this shot!  it took me like 15 adjustments to make the sky show its true colors.  it kept being really bright, like full of white light.  i think i ended up taking the iso lower and then it looked accurate...and awesome.  taken out at my grandparents house.  i love all the black silhouettes.
same place but earlier in the day.  looking straight up an awesome leafy tree just starting to change colors. shot 22: trees.
shot 27: after dark.  the most perfect birthday bonfire.  more on that day to come but for now, just pretend that you're sitting in front of it telling ghost stories.


  1. dragging the mirror out back? totally classy.. LOL love your blog Ms.Jen.. hope you have a great day today..

  2. I LOVE those jeans! Mind if I ask where they're from... I'm on the hunt!

  3. hi ashley! i tried to email you because i don't know if you'll ever check back to get this but i didn't see an email on your profile! my jeans are from old navy and i'm pretty sure i paid $15 or less. DEAL! their jeans are named things and these are "the diva" which is funny because i'm kind of un-diva-ish. good luck friend....good jeans are hard to find! i need to go shopping too!

  4. Perfect! Those jeans scream "give me some cute flats and a ponytail!" Not diva. Love them! Thanks!!


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