Thursday, September 8, 2011

a mini-blog tour

so a short while ago my sweet friend ang updated my bloggity blog for me through her new design business.  i couldn't be more excited with the way it turned out.  it really makes me genuinely happy to look at this place where so many memories are & will be collected and know that even the tiny details kind of sum up who i am and what i love.

i couldn't get my act together quickly enough to launch the new blog and all the little pieces i had wanted at one time.  it still isn't fully complete but rather more complete than before so i thought i might as well give a little overview for those of you who haven't poked around yet, those who looked around and found blank tabs up until this week or just if you didn't know how [perhaps you're my grandma and never heard of a navbar :)].

i made a little key for you to follow but really if you just click through the pages i know you'd get the jest.  i don't mean to over-complicate. i'm just wordy.  so so wordy.  so anyway....the navbar
[1] home: self-explainatory.  this will bring you back to the home page of {with grace & lace} should you get lost in a jumbled cyber-space knot & not know how to get out.
[2] life with b & j:  this is kind of like an 'about us' section.  an overview of who we are and what we're about.  i wrote this months and months before i had made any other tabs [aka 'pages'] so it likely needs some updating.  i feel like its just a quick snapshot into our lives, hope to make you feel like a friend around here.
[3] built on rock: here i share some details about our faith and really the heart of what we're all about - the intention behind how we live.  i hope to write out some specifics of God's story [which is far more important than our story] very soon in this section - perhaps someone may get to hear it for the first time!
[4] into the kingdom: since so much of our life revolves around our ministry i just wanted to give a little background about young life and why we do it.
[5] contact: how to get in touch with us, we love people!
[6] unlisted: heck yes that is a little bike built for two.  so stinkin' precious.

some other little tid bits located on the sidebar:
this button will just take you to my blogger profile. nothing too fantastic to see but if you'd like to check out a full list of the blogs i follow you can find that here. my 'daily reads' & 'my sweet friends' listed on the right sidebar are a more condensed version of my favorites & besties' blogs too.

and this next little button is especially special to me.  as i'm sure you can read, this will take you to our story, all that lead up to ben & i becoming mr & mrs.! 

my facebook & pinterest accounts are also linked on the right sidebar.  look at me being ms. social media. [i actually hate computers, what a twisted web we weave].

other than that i'm sure you can find your way around, it's not real complicated around here.  my middle name is simple [it's actually ann but you know].  i was just excited by some of the new & updated features and wanted to point them out.  i may add more along the way, who knows what that may mean but yeah, talk a walk around! 

am i missing anything?


  1. I love the new blog design! It seems to fit your personality perfect (I say that as though I know you in person, but through your posts I get a pretty good glimpse at your character & it's inspiring!)

  2. I had fun wondering around all the new areas of your blog. Angie did a great job of helping set up everything. I will be praying for you and the whole Lafayette team.

  3. I can't wait for Ang to transform my little blog! Yay for having creative friends & blogs!! Also.. I love that my blog is listed under "my sweet friends" - I love you Jen :) sad note though- the link doesn't work because I changed my url name. It used to be but now it's, just fyi haha! I love your sweet blog & your sweet self :) see you soon friend!

  4. I love love love your new blog. You're friend is incredibly talented :) A beautiful blog for a beautiful person!

  5. Did you realise that alot of such times is also the times our grandparents grow really old and start to go too? That is why many brides and grooms are caught. It is just a few months to their wedding and suddenly one of their love ones passed away. My cousin had met similar situation too when she was preparing her wedding three years ago. However, our relatives were understanding enough to ask her not to attend the wake. I knew there are many brides who really love their grandparents so much that they insisted in attending. It was a tough decision to make.


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