Tuesday, September 13, 2011

well you know what they say...

...me neither.

just stopping by for a little chat.  i felt like heidi klum just then "we're going to have a little chat and then we'll have you come back out".  i don't really have anything poignant or witty or deep to share today but since my posts are so infrequent these days i thought i should record something even if its not the somethings that i really hoped to capture.

so maybe a little recapping & 'chatting' will do until i can really post [whatever that means].

people without iphones are really at a disadvantage when it comes to pictures on the go.  right now my husband is likely screaming at his screen because he desperately wishes he had one.  but as you may know i am real anti the whole data-package-we-can't-afford-slash-being-on-my-phone-all-the-time thing.  the only thing i wish i did have is a sweet camera like that, that fits in my pocket, that i could capture little moments without having to have a bigger camera around, sometimes its just not practical.  but since that is not my reality, and the reality is that i have a super sweet camera that i'm still getting acquainted with i am going to challenge myself a bit more.  i'm going to start lugging this beast around and capture life with it.  those are my favorite pictures, life ones.  that's why i wanted it in the first place.  remember?
sure i'd like to capture extra special events and all but i really just love the pictures that 'tell a story' like ashley ann says.  i'm not really good at doing that [yet] but how will i ever get better if i don't practice!  next monday i'm going to link up [here] for this blogger's photo challenge, i figure that's a great place to start. i just stumbled upon her, dear lizzy and i kind of love her & her hubs.  they really make me want photoshop.  a lot.

we had our first club of the year last night.  i always kind of get a pit in my stomach before club and feel a sense of pressure / stress in preparating for it.  i know the true things about what club is for but i still struggle. i know that it is just a hangout [a divine hangout] where kids can come, feel well loved, have fun, break down stereotypes about Jesus & hear about a God who loves them.  its not about program, its not about being funny enough or having kids think that we're awesome, its not about putting on a show or being the most popular thing - but i get caught up in it being successful or going well [with a distorted, unbiblical view of what is success and what it means to go well].  i'm well aware that i'm living out this flawed thinking but i still have the pit.  i'm praying a bunch that God will renew my mind in that and that for the next 13 weeks my team and myself can go after kids for the Kingdom and not let our own insecurities and pride get in the way.  i hope that God gets all the glory!  if you lead young life and need an awesome reminder of why we run club listen [here].  it takes a long time to load, just wait for it.  i literally could listen to it once a week.

and way more awesome that my pit, was that God was so faithful and sweet to us last night.  there were about 50 kids piled into tommy's garage and it was a beautiful thing.  there were four or more things [events, games, etc.] going on up at the school and i just worried that we had picked a night that people would rather be somewhere else [note insecurities above].  even if it had been 15 kids we still would have been truly blessed to be in the presence of these friends, preaching the gospel of grace.  there were lots of new faces and we had fun together.

ben thinks we have a ghost in the house.  well there may be two, we've had two encounters.  one was about a month ago.  ben kept waking up and asking me if i was awake [which i wasn't, its the middle of the night].  then he claims the bed shook [the same bed i was in] and he heard footsteps, maybe like baby footsteps.  a baby ghost?  is there anything creepier?  once i thought there was someone chainsawing our deck around 2 am and insisted that ben go check and ask them to stop.  so we may have learned that sometimes when we think we're awake, we may not be.  this most recent ghost siting was 2 nights ago.  there was a big 'boom' in the corner of the room.  ben saw that there was lightning outside but insists that the boom was not in fact thunder but instead a ghost or possibly aliens - like an adult not a baby one.  of course.

in other news, two benches i'm seriously coveting:

i have the perfect place in the living room for one of these.  it needs to have a vertical back, or no back at all because it can't stick out very far from the wall since it is pretty close to a doorway.  this needs to happen!

i spent most of saturday this past weekend wearing a mustache and drinking milk while adorning giant boy hightops and a tee that says "i'm here lets party."  we did see family and friends as well as stores full of strangers.  i don't know if embarrasment is the right word.
 at least i got to be a man with my good friend ang :) aka mang

posts to come:
anniversary weekend
dresses i'm excited to wear
[a delayed version of] my favorite excerpt from narnia
a crapton of pictures [this will happen, mark my words...once i take them]

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