Tuesday, September 27, 2011

this is my life

this morning.  6:50 am.  grab snacks, mountain dew, bible, bag, purse, camera, keys.  go to the car, the keys only go halfway in the ignition.  the steering wheel is doing that lock thing where you have to jiggle it for the keys to turn.  i keep jiggling but no good.  i'm meeting a friend at 7, i really gotta go.  i go wake up my sleeping bear of a husband.  he's not really happy but he helps his struggling wife start her car, probably thinking i'm a dumb dummy.  he jiggles the wheel. nothing's happening.  he takes out the keys, they go to a different car. 


happy tuesday.  here's some lionel richie.


  1. haha i can definitely relate to having one of those days. i am just glad your car is not broken! and, awesome tea pot!

  2. BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! That is the best!!!!!


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