Thursday, September 15, 2011


72 hours and no pictures to show.  ironically, after carrying my camera around nearly non-stop for days [in my purse not meant for carrying nice cameras] i did not take a single picture.  i was even looking to take pictures of the most mundane tasks but when it came down to it i was either embarrassed because i was in public or just didn't feel inspired.  i was even prepared to take a pic of me eating my fazoli's kids pizza but the tables full of strangers deterred me.  i know what you're thinking, 'didn't  you just walk around kroger as a horribly dressed man?' yes, yes i did.  but i guess its just different when you're all alone taking pictures of pizza.  i need to get over it and just go for it.

there was an opportunity for the most gorgeous picture 2 days ago, but i left my camera in the car far away.  [go figure]  i was walking through the park with a friend - a loop i had never done before and there were hills & hills full of tall grass.  the sun was setting behind them so the tops of all the little fuzzy heads were glistening.  it really was such a pretty scene.  i'm going to swing back by soon, maybe this weekend, and hope that they haven't mowed all the 'pretties' away.  oh, and that i don't get lost trying to find those hills.  i don't think you can put "hills" into a tom tom.

here's to better luck next time! 

and here are some fails that weren't mine to brighten your day.

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  1. I love the pics at the bottom. I laughed so hard a the weather report. 798 degrees!!!! BAAAHAHAHA


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