Monday, June 20, 2011

wedding bells {matt & jenna}

a few weekends ago ben & i had the pleasure of driving out into the middle of nowhere for a beautiful evening full of wedded bliss, fun friends & pretties.  jenna was such a stunning bride and had thought out each little detail so perfectly.  they were married under a great big bending tree.  our other friends married them, stood beside them & played worship for them.  it was really awesome.  marsh presented great truth about marriage & about christ.  we really did love it.  the weather ended up cooperating too! as soon as the sun was behind the trees it was in fact, the perfect temperature.

little details that i loved: arnold palmer stand, milkglass centerpieces {each table unique}, coldplay's yellow played by the string quartet as the bride & groom left down the aisle, monogrammed 'm' pillows on the little couch, the yummiest home-cookin' ever & peonies everywhere!


  1. I love all the hydrangeas -- looks like a gorgeous wedding! And the bride kind of looks like you Jen, especially in that top pic Jen!!! :)

  2. I love the flowers the bride and bride maids are carrying. It looks like they had perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. You look especially pretty.


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