Tuesday, June 21, 2011


{pretties found here}

this is where i started.  a glass container filled with wonderfully fun & girly cupcake liners found via pinterest.  i have two jars very similar to this and i thought i actually had a third empty one floating around the house.  it turned out that i didn't and that the two that i have now {full of flour & sugar} are significantly smaller than this one.  or their cupcake liners are teeny {which i don't think is the case}.  so until i could run out and grab a third jar & some more magical liners i just wanted to make due with what i had around the house.
someday this 'snacks' jar will be filled with real snacks but until then it can be filled with cupcake liners or other crafting goodies.  i must say it does make my kitchen a little happier & it is a bit more fun to get your liners from a jar instead of a drawer.


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