Friday, June 3, 2011

a must-read & i'm very pinterested...

happy friday friends!  i am so pleased that another weekend is upon us.  we already have so much cookin' i'm not sure how it will ever all fit in.  i'll will come back with this weekend and the last few soon.  {i have to tell myself things like that}.

today i wanted a share a few things vying for my attention...

first of all, i have this friend named fran.  no, not my alter-ego cheerleading personality from club.  she's a real person, we've never met but i feel pretty certain about it. 
fran and i have about a billion mutual friends but have never actually ran into each other.  we were connected through blogland, one of the many perks of blogging.  she just began a new blog packed with her adventures seeing the world as a flight attendant & living in ny.  fran is an excellent writer, witty as can be & is truly full of life.  definitely check this girlie out & send her some love at being fran(k).  i would start with her first post on the new blog to see how the adventure began - for your enjoyment {HERE}.

and next is good ol' pinterest.  um, as if i needed one more way to waste my time.  i am mildly obsessed.  just the idea that you can collect all the inspiration you ever wanted in one place and then have it save all the locations where you found that perfect ______ or that awesome tutorial for ______. obsessed.  normally i resist change.  and i also resist being super plugged in to the matrix.  i don't need one more reason to sit in front of the computer but...pinterest.  i love.  and so i keep pinning.  if i'm not already following you and your life is full of great 'pins' - tell me where to find you!  and here i am.

ps - i don't know how to 'mention' people yet but that's something else i'd like to try soon :)

i hope you let these two little gems distract you for a bit.  a bit isn't too long to waste.
jen jen


  1. so sweet of you to recommend this friend. I did check her blog out, and now am a proud follower.

    i heart pinterest too! :)

  2. hooray! Checking out the blog and following you on pinterest! :) You can find me here:

  3. im on pinterest 24/7. its kind of ridiculous! happy pinning!


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