Tuesday, June 28, 2011

um, hello? anybody home?

i was on a blogging roll and then...well...i guess i just kind of rolled over.

for a little over a week i have had a headache from Hell that has basically been trying to destroy my life.  i sound like i'm exaggerating {well if you know me maybe you know that i'm not} but seriously.  this has been awful.  today i'm finally feeling a little more like myself and a little less like there is a drill barrelling through my temple.  and for that i am so thankful.  once i get over something like that i'm reminded what a gift health is.  if you never get sick, feel terrible, get scared that you may never feel better {that was the thought going through my head} you start to take for granted what a blessing it is.  i know that other people have to deal with much more damaging & scary hardships than week-long migraines so for now i'm glad that this is what God is using to refine me & bring gratitude.

so all of that to say...that's where i've been.  not solely but kind of.

in other news...benny & i are preparing to leave for young life camp in a few short days.  i feel like a maniac because that week can be so pivotal.  i'm so hopeful for the kids that we are taking.  and i'm scared that 'my plans' for them won't be His plans for them.  i desperately want to bring back a bus full of new creations to lexington, ky.  please be praying for our friends to grasp the gospel.  i'm also a maniac because i'm not prepared.  like physically not prepared {no bags, no stacks or piles have been packed, no shopping done, no exercise to get ready, no health before}and i feel scared that i'm not spiritually prepared either.  i'm positive that i feel like this every year but i never feel 'ready'.  i always feel like i will never be adequate for this week - which is true!  so i need to be heavily relying on the Holy Spirit and God's good plans and get out of the way.  but i don't think that's what i'm doing, i think i chose worry instead.

after we get back we have a week full of super fun things planned to continue building community once we get home.  i'm so excited that i will still get to be with them even after our week has ended but it will be nothing short of exhausting i'm sure.  work all day, party all night.  what's a girl to do?

then...the following weekend we are having a party extravaganza!  a bachelorette party & bridal shower all rolled into one weekend.  things are getting cra-zay!  i am also trying to get all that squared away so that we can celebrate & shower shan with all the best!  i had planned to be done 'planning' but all this down time with headaches have really screwed up what i had in the works.  i cannot wait for that weekend.  i will literally be surrounded by my some of the most wonderful women in the whole wide world.  i'm am beyond pumped.  i'll leave you with the absolute most precious party.  sorry shan, i don't think i can pull this off.

oh oh, and my nephew should be on his way any day now. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


  1. I don't think it is possible to be 'prepared' for camp. But you are right, it only gives God a lot more room to work as it demands that we remember our dependence on Him. I know God has awesome things planned for this coming week. I will be praying for your all's week at camp! And, your headache! :)

  2. Jen, I will pray for a safe trip and that God will do great works during the time at camp and the weeks to follow. And I will pray that you have health and energy up to the task.
    Love you, Mom

  3. Baby is excited to have you for an auntie!!!! :D


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