Friday, June 17, 2011

we love summer

now that ben is out of school i can hardly stand to be at work.  the sun is shining.  i know people are at the pool.  hangouts galore and i'm stuck in an office.  i tell myself everyday to be thankful for my job that provides for us in so many ways.  but still it's kind of a tough pill to swallow when you love summer as much as i do.  thankfully, i have friends that also get together in the evenings.  how could i live without it? 

not too long ago we had a little cookout with friends up at the park.  it was bliss.  perfect weather.  good friends, good food & babies.  all things i love.

this is our little god-baby, silas.  we love getting to be with the poston's and getting to watch silas grow.  i get so excited to know all the ways that he is going to be poured into by his family & by our community.  here he's showing me all of his food.  thank you silas.
and this was him showing off all his muscles.  hilarious.
it was awesome to see eden and silas play around the playground together and interact.  eden really loves the swings.  and she also loved silas.  it was super sweet.  we saw them have their first kiss...and it was on the lips and kind of drawn out, especially for babies.  they may have stuck with it because we were all cracking up.  or maybe because they are in baby-love.  i have no clue but so funny nonetheless.

i'm so glad to have each of you all as family.  you are definitely a blessing to ben & i. 
jenna, we missed you real bad.  next time you & baby #2 must be there.
yay summer!

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