Tuesday, June 7, 2011

so simple a jen jen could do it: diy curtains

i was going to say that this project has been a LONG time coming.  and then i was going to say it has literally been months since i've planned this.  but then i thought, 'what the hey, i'll just look on etsy and see how long i've really had this fabric knowing full well that it was for living room curtains.'  and i am so embarrassed to say, i've had this since january of ... 2010. oh my gosh, what is wrong with me?  it is a certainty that i have some kind of defective phobia that ruins all chances of me being a timely craftster / home-maker. symptoms include extreme procrastination, fake scenarios and tantrums.  but alas, here they are in all their glory.  my living room curtains {a year & a half in the making}.
i knew that i was going to use clips on the top, which i know isn't the most refined look, but this isn't the most refined house so i didn't mind.  and then i found 3 packs (7 clips/pack) for $0.50 a piece with some additional percentage off at a local fabric store sale.  i'm sure i've had those for a year too, as well as the curtain rod. so my only real 'to do' was to cut the fabric in half & stitch a hem along the edges after ironing them flat.  it really took almost no time at all.  i have no idea why i was so scared.  i have them pool on the floor instead of brushing the floor and i'm fine with that for now.  i think they make the room 10 times more homey and as soon as i get something hung up on these walls we'll really be in business {or in home...whatever}!
 so my encouragement to those of you out there that are timid like me 
{if there is anyone out there like me...i haven't met one yet}

DO IT! friends, just do it.  don't buy all your supplies, dream big dreams and then leave them in a drawer / bag / closet for a year and six months owned by fear that you won't do well.  that is silly.  even if your venture is not super successful, at least you tried & have something to show for it.  and more than likely it will be perfectly imperfect & serve to make your home yours.

fabric is joel dewberry ochre that i saw first on maple & shade.


  1. I bought the fabric for James curtains the same time that you bought yours! They look so cute...make mine!

  2. YAY! They look SO good - I'm so glad you finally did it!!! Don't be scared - we'll have conquer sewing days together real soon! MWUAH!

  3. I love the fabric. It looks great.

  4. I have the same problem - I have lots of ideas but I'm scared / don't make time to follow through. I have been saying I will make pillow covers for months, but I haven't even bought fabric yet - fail!


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