Monday, June 6, 2011

happily ever after... {hillary & alex}

a few weeks ago we had the honor of watching two friends say 'i do!'  i took some pics of their big day. i know they had so been looking forward to becoming husband & wife.  i know that marriage will be such a joy for these two!

i wasn't attempting to be artsy with the amount of blank space at the top of the photo...i didn't have the best angle for picture taking. take what you can get people.
i didn't take pictures of all the sweet little details at the wedding like i wanted to.  i just kind of felt like a creeper but in reality i'm sure no one would have noticed.  i did spend an awesome evening with friends chatting,  laughing & enjoying each others company.  we did get out on the dance floor but didn't stay too terribly long out there.  sometimes ben's just not in a dancin' mood.  a few unexpected highlights for me that i'd like to remember: our server {hated our guts}, the dj {"if you're excited get...more excited" // "who brought their dancin' shoes?  wah waaaah"}, my b.i.l.chris's best man speech {"i'll drink to that"} and unity candle that would not stay lit. & benny...

great quality pic of chris toasting the newly weds.  favorite line: "boom roasted"
yay marriage!
one more favorite thing?  ok fine.  the photo booth.  oh my goodness, we all loved it.  and the sweetest part was that each strip printed twice and you kept one and left one to make a photo strip guest book.  i'm sure they will enjoy that for life.  here are the ones that we made.

this was our first and we really struggled knowing when they were going to take the pic of us.  eventually, we figured it out.  aren't you proud?

hillary & alex,
i know that God will be glorified in your marriage & that he will use you all in really big ways.we cannot wait to see what kind of adventure you have in store!

b. & j.


  1. This wedding looks like it was SO. MUCH. FUN! I'm so happy for them - I've been waiting for a smart guy to come along and realize what a catch Hillary is! Alex - way to be that smart guy ;)

  2. I'm glad that you got pictures...I didn't :( Send me that one of Dusty & I. LOVE your photo booth pics.

  3. What a fun time! I love those photo booths! LOVE THEM!


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