Thursday, June 9, 2011

picture practice

you've heard me talk about my talented friend jenna who is learning so much about capturing beautiful moments through photography.  since she is wise in the way of fancy film i had her take me out for a little lesson.  we've gone on picture adventures before but i mainly just messed with things in manual mode until i liked what i saw.  that isn't really so much a recipe for success, and doesn't constitute knowing what you're doing.  she showed me lots of great tips & tricks.  i'm really slow when i try and do it right but hopefully, practice makes perfect.  or perfect-ish.

a few pretties from our day...
jenna probably won't like this 'senior portraits session' i'm posting of her {we're 25} but she was my subject, it was just the two of us.  and look how stinkin' darling she is.

jenna isn't 100% in focus. i was trying to blur the bricks and kind of blurred everything.  but i still like it though.  i should have {in hind-sight} turned off my auto-focus and made it right.
...sweet jenna...
we found a bunch of neat walls and backdrops for photos when we were playing downtown.  i hope jenna takes people there someday for shoots.
see a few more {here}

thank you so much for sizzling out in the hot sun with me to teach me a few things.  i love taking adventures with you and i'm real excited to be your assistant in two days!!


  1. Great job! They look fantastic!

  2. That first shot is awesome! Stumbled across your blog and lovin' it =D

  3. I am so glad you are enjoying your camera. It looks like you and Jenna had a great day.


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