Thursday, May 20, 2010

weekend recap

i mentioned my super fun weekend and now i shall share.

benny & i had been wanting to spend time with his family forever & ever but over the last month or so they have been making frequent weekend trips to chicago to visit ben's aunt {who is doing so well by the way!}.  so we postponed our visit until this past weekend.  and it was a blasty blast.
we arrived friday evening after work to northern ky expecting to spend the remainder of the night with the brzinski's but lo & behold they weren't home and each of their cell phones were on the kitchen counter.  we thought, with our luck they were probably in chicago again.  :)  with our newly open schedule we had the chance to go get some grub with the dorsey's & the margrave's plus bonus margrave {baby james}.  it was so nice to be able to catch up with our dear friends {and their babe / soon-to-be babe}.
after spending hours at an empty jimmy johns we made our way back to benny's parents and hoooray...they were home!  we got to visit, give our mother's day presents {a rice bag & a shrinky dink homemade by my artist husband} & relax.  i definitely should have taken a picture of the shrinky dink.  you all would have appreciated that.  later that evening two more friends stopped by.  TREAT!
{justin & tay.  both with their best facial hair}

saturday we had a very exciting day planned.  we went with ben's mom & pop to skyline for lunch {it was skyline time} and then headed off to the krohn's conservatory for a japenese butterfly exhibit in cincinnati.  before i get into butterflies i should say that the other attendees made me very happy.  it is a well known fact that ben & i look like we could possibly be asain.  let's just say, we felt right at home.  i loved it.
here are some pics from our trip there!
{if ben were really small he would live somewhere like this mini grove i think.  this was the benjamina forest}
{above:  that butterfly had hearts on its wings.  it was awesome}
ben's mom wore a flowered dress to attract all the butterflies and it definitely worked! one latched on to her and took a ride all around the conservatory with us.
afterward we made our way to brewsters for some ice cream.  you know how i adore ice cream.  and it was the perfect day for it.  it was warm and sunny {but not unbearable}.  even better, my bro-in-law was able to join us.  yay for sibling time!

the fun didn't stop there.  after coming home for a "cat nap" {which lasted an hour and a half, apparently the butterflies took it out of us} we got up to visit hillary & alex!  double date!  believe it or not they did not have one single picture together on facebook for me to steal {i think that needs to be amended very soon friends}.  in leu of pics of the happy couple i must share their babies, ok fine they are hillary's puppies but they are the cutest.  may i have one please benny?  i love them {the couple & the puppies}.  we made use of hillary's new patio furniture, the beautiful weather & gobbled up some food at cheddar's.

last but not least...sunday.  oh, lazy sunday.  ben wrote campaigners for most of the day {which was awesome by the way} and i just hung out.  ben's momma made crepes, it was the first crepe i ever ate.  ben's poppa made homemade cheese.  yes i said homemade cheese.  i observed so that someday i can also make homemade cheese.  it was yummy & de-licious.

my favorite part of the day i will have to save for later...but lets just say that i carried home with me a treasure trove of goodness that sunday.

.excellent weekend in my book.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend Jen! The butterfly pics are absolutely stunning... Thanks for sharing your joy!

  2. Wow!! What a jam packed weekend. It sounds like you had so much fun with old friends {the best kind} and your pics of the butterflies are beautiful!!


  3. What a great weekend! Love all the pictures!


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