Friday, May 14, 2010

stitched with love

i didn't celebrate any moms via blogland on sunday but i did have the opportunity to celebrate lots of moms in person.  which i'd have to say, i prefer.  i got to see both my mommas & my grandma margaret & my nana. woohoo.  i hope each them know {along with my mom-in-love & my other grandmas} that i am extraordinarily thankful for them & their giant hearts.  i am truly surrounded by women who are tremendously loving, gracious, caring & beautiful {inside & out}. 

i love each of you dearly & am blessed to have you as a 'mom,' friend, shopping partner, counselor & sister in Christ.

there's nothing that i could do, make, say or buy that would shower these ladies with the gifts they deserve for putting up with us rotten kids but i tried.  i made them homemade rice bags {which is like a cordless heating pad}, working from {THIS} tutorial.  i did make a few modifications so i thought i'd share my process with you as well.

my dear friend, jenna, made me one once and i know whenever i use it i feel pampered and relaxed {thanks jenna} and i wanted all my momma's to feel the same way.

here's what i used....times 5.
rice, scissors, sewing machine, measuring tape, iron & fabric
{lay out sheets all over your floor if you're scared that your dirty floor will mess up your pretty fabric ex: my house}
it was the perfect opportunity to use my rotary cut and self-healing mat for first time!  i don't have the steadiest of hands so this was very helpful.  thank you hubby for the gift!

i did what darby did for most steps.  i just put right sides together and sewed two sides shut.  {is sewed the past tense of sew?}  one side will already be shut because it is a fold.  darby said that she had a piece of fabric that was 9" x 36".  i might be missing something but that made a really odd shape for me.  i found that my favorite size was 24" long by 9" tall.  so before folding you would need 18" x 24" {that's what you'd have to keep in mind while purchasing fabric}.  here's mine, 3 sides sealed, 1 skinny side open flipped right-sides out.

the next part i know i did differently.  once you've completed the above step, darby said to measure out 4 equal sections and then mark them with a pen.  i was scared that my pen marks would show through since i'm a novice seamtress and i'm terrible at measuring.  i know that sounds stupid but ask ben, that is always where my frustrations rage.  so to avoid a meltdown over rice bags i just folded it in half.
then in half again.  four equal parts duh.  it was perfect.  no measuring. no meltdown.
once folded in fourths iron the heck out it. 
this way your fourths are marked but there's no pen marks.  ta da!

if you're a stitch master don't read this next part.  if you feel anxious around sewing machines, keep reading.  while ironing i went to town on my one open side.  i folded the raw edge over about 1/4" -1/2" and ironed so i'd have a defined line.
then i folded the bottom edge under on that exact same line and used my crease on the top edge to fold it in.  sometimes when trying to fold in for a seam i couldn't get my edges to line up correctly.  this was fool-proof.
then i ironed again so my last little pocket would have a perfect {yeah right} lil hem.

the rest i'm sure darby could explain better than i.  and  she has gorgeous pictures.  i just thought i'd share my few little tricks that made it easier for me.  it creates four little pockets filled with rice & chamomile tea to make a long day just a little sweeter.
i packaged them up with string & love notes.
they read:
your back aches
your shoulder's sore
your bed's all chilly,
it makes you say brrr.
just warm me up & you will see
i'll work wonders & spread glee.

mommas, i hope you love your lil gift!  stitched with love.

tiny tangent:  with a scrap of fabric and some left over rice i made myself a little pin cushion.  treat!
ps.  my house is still covered in rice.  i got it everywhere.  in multiple rooms.  and because i'm a poor housekeeper, it is still there.  i'm sorry ben.

have you tried any fun projects for gifts lately?
tell us about 'em!

.i wish i was wrapped up with a rice bag right now.
happy friday & happy sewing!


  1. You made it all look so easy. My husband bought me one of these years ago and I wore it out. They are addicting!! Thanks for the tutorial!


  2. One day I will try sewing but I am terrified {probably b/c my mom is an awesome seamstress} I need some friends to help me along. And soon b/c I borrowed Frankie's {super awesome} sewing machine in February and still haven't used it!!!

  3. i NEED to make one. where did you get your fabric friend?

  4. I made these for my mom and Derek's mom too! They loved them and I felt happy because I never make homemade gifts (I'm not very crafty)

  5. i got the fabric from hancock's on southland drive. i find it hard to believe that micah would be asking me that though??

  6. i can't wait to get my machine up and running so i can't start creating! you make it look so easy, but i feel super intimidated.

    p.s. i laughed out loud when i read that comment that said it was from micah

  7. I.Love.This.Idea! What a great gift! I think I'll be filing this away for Christmas gift ideas... You chose some super cute fabric too girl :-) Hope you're having a great weekend so far! I'm having my first "chat" over at Windy Poplars tomorrow night (Mon.) at 10pmET (7PT). I have no idea how many people (if any) will be interested in joining, but I'd love to chat w/ and get to know anybody who can make it! Stop by if you're free!

  8. what a lovely and thoughtful gift! you are quite crafty :) hope you have a fantastic week!

  9. Those are great! I can't think of a mother who wouldn't want to snuggle up with a warm wrap and watch some Lifetime. I have given you the Versatile Blogger award! Please stop by my page to receive it.

  10. What a great project, Jen! ...And you make it look so easy. :) Your "moms" must have felt so blessed.

  11. Jen - Great job! They turned out so cute! Love the fabric you used - so pretty. I could have really used one of those the last few days because it's been really chilly here!


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