Thursday, May 6, 2010

powered sugar

let me snuggle up here & call it a day.

yesterday i had an unexpectedly lazy day so i really shouldn't be begging for this gorgeous seat right now.  {if i can't pine for the chair can i at least have that gray ruffled pillow?}  after getting off work a little late, my plans suddenly got cancelled and i found myself with my whole evening free.  of course i didn't take avantage of it, attempting anything productive.  instead i curled up on the couch and ordered in chinese with my husband.  this did not help me get things accomplished but it did help me rest & relax.  it was perfect.  but every day, at the end of the day, i'm always longing for time like that.  does that make me lazy?  i just can't get enough of it.  unfortunately / fortunately we have much more than the wednesday night tv line up going on in our lives, & this i am thankful for.

tonight will be quite the opposite.  i will be running to back-to-back biblestudies this evening.  one for some high school girls and then one for me.  not for me, but for know what i mean...with girls my age not lead by my self.  i'm excited about both.  very excited.  i love & cherish the time that i get with both sets of girls.  but i wish i could sneak a nap in between 5:45 and 5:50.  i doubt that will happen. 

i feel that i should also mention some great news!  benny has completed another semester of school and is now off for the summer.  hooray!  he has been such a diligent student and has worked so hard to progress toward the education program at UK.  we're really praying that things fall into place and he will be admitted in the spring of 2011 {and with a scholarship}. 
i'm so proud of him.

simultaneously, another prayer has been answered.  benny is also transitioning into a new job!  {praise!!}  he'll be working in a pharmacy handing out all the drugs.  he'll be a dealer of drugs.  a drug dealer. selfishly, i'm scared of how it will impact {shrink} our time together but i know that ben longs to be a little worker bee, so i'm excited for him.
i'm so proud of him.

since this has gotten sufficiently random i guess i'll add a few more nonsensical anecdotes to the mix.

holly and i {my friend & co-worker} eat fazoli's & zaxby's at least once a week...each.  we are starting to think perhaps this is not a well balanced diet.

i wish i knew how to do all kinds of neat things on the computer.  i have two main desires.  one of my goals is to eventually figure out how to do some design on the computer, like learn to use a program where i can create prints/posters from scratch etc.  i would obviously use this toward the good of blogland as well.  my second desire is to learn how to alter my blog.  the background, layout, banner and all without it looking so juvenile.  if anyone out there would like to help me work towards those goals it would make me a very happy lady!

tomorrow is friday.  i should end on that note shouldn't i?  you can't do much better than friday.


  1. Oh my, I'd love to relax on one of those chairs right about now. I love how comfy they look. That gray ruffled pillow is to die for and that blanket looks oh so soft! Everything about that photo is lovely.

  2. you are not lazy at all... my favorite time of day is after the baby is in bed and i can spend time relaxing with my other baby! : ) congrats on your man's new job! that's super exciting... hopefully it won't impact your together time too much. i love ladies Bible studies! i'm doing beth moore's "daniel." it's amazing. i have only ever had fazoli's once in my life. and i can't stand zaxby's. hopefully we can still be friends! happy fridayeve!

  3. okay, i just had this huge realization (yes, i'm slow... blame it on the baby brain)... you and your hubby's names rhyme. this is the coolest thing ever.

  4. Hi Jen! Oh sister, I can TOTALLY relate to your need for downtime. I start to shrivel up when we're gone more than two nights in a row...I love to be home in the evenings (and by that I mean w/ no projects going on - just chill time)! We're involved in so many great things, and I work sometimes at night so that's not realistic very often, but we do occasionally have weeks where we can be home every.single.night. And I love it! That's when I feel refreshed and ready to face the next day when it comes. I feel connected to my hubby, I feel like a cooking diva (because I actually have time and desire to put together a nice meal), I feel like ME! Ahhh! Wishing for that right now. This week we've been gone (and will be gone everyday except Tuesday). Ick! I think that's what I'm not feeling so hot today. I need to recharge my batteries in a bad way.- Happy it's Friday though!


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