Tuesday, May 4, 2010

din din with ben & jen


tonight ben & i will be enjoying breakfast for dinner.  it is one of my favorite treats.  growing up, whenever my dad was out of town my mom would make us breakfast for dinner.  i'm not sure why?  did my dad hate breakfast?  i don't think so...who could hate breakfast?  maybe she just thought it was a special treat.  i do too.

i love pancakes.  i will gobble them up.  i hope benny will to.  fruit, milk and crispy bacon.  i'm in.

ps. whenever we make bacon our whole house fills with smoke and smells like food for days.  i'll endure that as long as i get some breakfast for dinner.

..happy tuesday all..


  1. Haha, the bacon smell. Oh well, so worth it! We had special meals when my Dad was out of town too...ours was Taco night because my Dad didn't like Mexican!

  2. When I was little it was my mom who traveled and my dad would make us his own special meal when she was out of town. He called it Stromboli Slop. My mom thought it was gross and wouldn't eat it. We loved it. It was hamburger mixed with macaroni and cheese and peas.

  3. i like pancakes but i don't like syrup so that complicates the whole breakfast thing a bit! my parents always made breakfast for dinner... i think we had that more than dinner for dinner. ha! hope you enjoyed the flapjacks!!!

  4. I used to do this a lot for my kids when my husband worked late or was away. They loved it. I think my husband probably would have wanted a 'real meal'!! ;-D


  5. Enjoy your breakfast!!!
    That's one of my favs too. When visiting family a few weeks ago...i had them do this tradition as well :)-

  6. How funny! My mom did the very same thing! It was b/c my dad doesn't like anything sweet for dinner AT ALL, and since syrup and fruit and muffins were all sweet, breakfast for dinner was out.- It made dad being gone not so bad after all (is that totally shallow?). Thankfully, my hubby loves breakfast for dinner, so we have it often! Such a treat! Oh, and I forgot regarding your last post - I'm not an expert, but I should be able help you with a little blog design (depending on what you want). I figured mine out on my own, and while it's not perfect, it makes me happy! E-mail me at: windy-poplars@juno.com and we'll chat about it.


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