Thursday, May 27, 2010

do i have anything to say that isn't random?

i share:

robin hood:  saw it last night.  loved it!  would definitely recommend it.

babies:  i'm not pregnant.  it was a movie i was dying to see.  saw that it was playing at ky theater this past weekend, didn't go, and now it's gone.  so so so very sad.  i really hope that it comes out on dvd.

lost: can you believe i haven't mentioned this?  i love lost.  my husband loves lost.  we loved lost.  i can't believe it's over.  i've heard some negative comments about the ending but it didn't bother me.  i even liked it.  i didn't have anything already planned in my head so my expectations were open to whatever.  ben definitely wanted more to be revealed about the actual island.  i'm ok with the continued mystery.

date night:  last night we got to cooking out some din din & see a movie {that's when we saw robin hood}.  it was one great night.

pool:  i'm going to go, perhaps multiple times, this weekend.  we don't belong to a pool but i have a feeling i'm going to be at one anyway.  i'm see-through and it is time to end this madness.

weekend:  i'm super excited about this weekend not only because i will hopefully get some color but also because i will have a day off work.  woohoo holidays!  we may or may not be having a family cookout.  if we do i will be thrilled about that as well.

flowers:  i want to plant some flowers.  i want to have some tulips, lilies, sunflowers, peonies, and lilac bushes.  i want to be able to trim them and place them all over the house.  that's my dream.

trees:  since we moved in i've wished all of our current trees were different types of trees.  i've never felt more like this than right now.  we have two pear trees that i have diagnosed with fire blight.  "fire blight is a bacterial disease that is particularly destructive on many varieties of apple and pear. it may also damage certain ornamental plants, such as flowering crabapple, hawthorn, mountain ash, cotoneaster, pyracantha, and spirea. if not controlled, fire blight can destroy the blossoms and fruit and may damage or kill the plant by stem infection."  awesome.  the treatment for this is super random and i hate it.  hate.

benches:  i want some....yes please.  my home would also love some benches.

pop:  i shouldn't be spreading my addiction to all but i couldn't resist spreading the joy.  last night i found that you can get a 24 pack of coke or pespi products at walmart for $3.88.  if you don't buy pop often...this is a deal.  a huge deal.  {i live in lexington, i don't know if this promo is happening nationally}

whole foods:  i took my first trip this week to get cherry yogurt covered pretzels. they are uber yummy and i need them.  i got there at 8:54 and they close at 9.  i purchased organic bananas, cereal, milk and.... no yogurt covered pretzels.  couldn't find them.  sad.


  1. Hi Jen~ Loved your random post :-) I've never been to Whole Foods. I'm a bit jealous that you have one near you... I adore flowers, and especially flowers you can cut and bring inside. Actually, tomorrow I'm doing a post of some things blooming at my place. Most everything I plant is for the purpose of cutting, so if you see it on my blog you know 1. It's easy to grow, and 2. It makes a lovely cut flower. If you need any suggestions about what to plant...just ask! I love gardening! Have fun at the pool this weekend - Love, ~K

  2. i too am see-through.
    love whole foods!!

  3. I'm addicted to Trader Joe's lately. I adore flowers as well and cool about robin hood b/c I want to see that.
    ~ Wendy

  4. i wish you were blogging about how you were going to be spending the weekend with me. sad. it will be different next year..i'll take care of it.

    love you. enjoy your weekend!

  5. I read an article that says organic fruits and vegetables last longer in the fridge than non-organic. Since you often don't use things the day you buy them, I thought I would pass this on.

    I wish my beautiful Lilies had bloomed one day earlier so you could have seen them. There were 2 open yesterday and three today.

    I am typing this with the worlds most adorable puppy on my lap/ he is making it a challenge so I better go.
    Love you, Mom

  6. Hi Jen! Hope you had a great holiday weekend. I saw Babies a few weeks ago. It was good but I definitely don't think you need to see it at the theater. It was really short (I think barely 1-1/2 hrs.) and there's no real dialog! So, don't feel bad that you missed it. Plant yourself a few peonies. I have two plants that I am quite obsessed with! They are so beautiful and you only need a few blooms for a beautiful bouquet. Have a great week!


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