Friday, May 21, 2010


{neha via picasa}

monday felt like a friday.
tuesday felt like a friday.
wednesday felt like a friday.
thursday felt like a friday.
and finally, it is friday.

does anyone ever have those days {or weeks} besides me?
so ready for the weekend. 
ready to sleep in.
maybe yard sale, maybe craft, maybe shop, maybe see friends, maybe kiss my hubby, maybe go on a walk, maybe be in the sun, maybe snuggle in the shade.

happy friday friends!

ps. my big brother paul had to have an emergency appendectomy yesterday.  it seemed that all went well and that they took care of things before they got too bad but i later heard that he was running a very high fever and that it wasn't breaking.  i think this lead them to believe that it had already ruptured more than they initially expected.  prayers for paul's recovery please!

quick update:  brother is doing better!  still in the hospital but his fever has broke & sounds like he's finally feeling a  bit better!  hooray!  still not out of the woods though...prayers still welcomed!


  1. So sorry to hear about your poor brother! I do hope he's up and about again soon.- Yes!!! I live for Fridays, and certainly some weeks take longer to get to the glorious end than others! Thrilled for the weekend! Hope you have a fun one planned...

  2. Happy weekend Jen!

    Glad that your brother is doing better. How scary!


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