Tuesday, May 18, 2010

just checkin' in

{apartment therapy}

i just wanted to check in and share a few random thoughts for the day.  i have some lil tidbits to share later {which i'm thrilled to record} but those will just have to wait.

{1} i have constant fatigue.  i could sleep anywhere at any time.  what is wrong with me?
{2} benny's working for the evening so other than a quick hangout & a YL support team meeting i'm going to have to keep myself occupied.  the possibilities are endless.  aaaand i have a list as long as my arm of things that need to get done. {ie. skirt my desk, clean my car, shower, kitchen & bedroom, vacuum, etc., etc., etc.}  will anything accomplished or will i watch spencer's descent into madness on the hills? decisions, decisions.
{3}  i had such a fun weekend in northern ky, i can't wait to share!
{4}  last night we had yl club for lhs students and it was amazing.  it was a night where the death of jesus is presented & what it means to follow christ is discussed {well, as much as you can fit into a 15 or 20 minute talk}.  it was so awesome to be reminded of the awesome truth of God's grace myself and to feel so keenly aware of the huge and desperate need that there is for a Savior at that school.
{5}  i have a piano, but it's not in my house.  i wish it was, and that i'd have a place to put it.  i also wish that i knew how to play.  i think i could re-teach myself the basics if i had it in front of me.
{6} we're having a super gloomy week here in ky, i hope it's nicer where you are!  yesterday, we did get to see a double rainbow though.  "very rare." says ben as he's trying to coax me into standing in the pouring rain.  double fun.
{7} political signs in front yards.  does this happen everywhere?  i really hate it.  if you have one in your yard, i don't hate you, just the signs.  they are blanketing lexington as we speak. they don't sway me to vote for one candidate over another, they don't teach me anything about what the candidate is about or what they have to offer.  it only shows me that your yard is filled with signs.
{8} i could eat a gallon of ice cream.  but i won't.


  1. Hi Jen! Cute fun post :-) Hope you pick something fun to do tonight. I know what you mean about limitless possibilities - sometimes I just can't choose, so I do nothing! Funny thought about the political signs. I've always thought the same thing - just add to your thoughts: "how much of our tax money are they spending on these needless signs that don't accomplish anything towards swaying my votes?", and you have my thoughts on the matter! :-) It's been pretty gloomy here too. But I'm thankful for the rain for my garden's sake! Just hoping for sun by Saturday when I have an outdoor wedding to direct. - It's never too late to pick back up piano! I have a friend who just started taking lessons from me at age 26. Go for it! Hope you're having a great Tuesday so far... ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  2. I have restless evening just like this with a gazillion things to do but none of them appealing. And we are having terribly gloomy weather here in Chicago, too. As long as the weekends are nice! ;-D


  3. definitely watch spencer's descent into madness. :) and hang out with me! i like you.

  4. re: constant fatigue - r u pregnant??? (that's always my first thought)

    I've dealt with debilitating fatigue, and a major contributing factor is allergies. It could also be due to a lack of Vitamin D. Never hurts to ask your doctor.

  5. in response to the other Jen's comment: AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wouldn't that be...neat!?!? Ang would start celebrating immediately.

    This would be one of those times that Mike would tell you he doesn't have any cookies, cherry coke, or m&m's, and that you always have headaches because "you eat crap all the time." I couldn't believe he said that!

    If you clean your car I'll drive all the way from Indiana to see it.

  6. I am so with you on the political signs! The night of my twenty first (need is say more) we got back to my moms house and our annoying next door neighbor had ten signs in his yard. Right out of the cab I took off and kicked them all down! Pat had to pull me away. I HATE them!
    Also you should totally watch Spencer and Heidi, I know I will be watching from my dirty house :)

  7. i'm tired of all the signs too. it looks so cluttered and sometimes it blocks the view when trying to pull out. they seem like a total waste of money.

    i could totally eat a gallon of ice cream too....that is why i dont keep it in the house.

  8. I'm with you on the ice cream. I could eat it everyday.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on Kari's post. . ."Like Martha without the jail time", LOL, so funny!


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