Friday, May 21, 2010

i only need one of each {ok maybe two}

so currently we {meaning me & my husband as well as me & my biblestudy} are all trying to be very money conscious.  we're trying to be good stewards of what we're given, give away as much as we can, stretch ourselves & develop new {biblical} views of how to handle money. in an effort to not be wasteful or frivolous i've tried to refrain from purchases that are just for my pleasure etc.  i'm not sure why but i thought that 'window' shopping would be good for me.  like tricking my mind into thinking i really went shopping.  i wouldn't necessarily recommend this type of thinking.  i want it all.  stingy consumer jen jen settle down!

.here are all the things i don't need.

i don't need a gorgeous yellow leather couch with beautiful, colorful pillows for all my friends to visit on
i don't need all kinds of precious kitchen accessories {excess-ories).
like this darling tea-towel
or ceramic farmer's egg crate {reusable of course}
or this bright magnetic timer.
what about....
wooden picnic utensils, you're guests would go crazy.  $10 for a pack of 10. 
small cookout + this partyware = adorable!

and i may have 5 aprons already and rarely cook but i think everyone could appreciate the fact that i need to make cereal in these 2 aprons.

additionally, i don't need to spruce up any of the bedrooms in our house.
i don't need fun filigree leaf sheets.
or a fancy mirrored dresser + canopy bed
or funner than fun sunbird sheets.
last but not least for our bedroom, i don't need this bow-tied duvet set.
on to things i definitely don't need, but maybe you do. 
i thought these curtains would be such a cute pop of color in a little girls room or in a play room.  i love when kid stuff looks a tad grown up.
maybe for your office or dining room?
oh oh oh & one last thing.  i don't need this girly, weathered mirror hanging in my guest room either.

i'm so glad i got all of those things i don't need out of my system. 
i feel like i need to mention...i would probably feel ok if a box filled with all these goodies arrived on my doorstep.  i wouldn't have too much remorse.

all images from anthropologie
{so if you're preparing my giant box...that's where you can find all these goodies}


  1. i can definitely get a sense of your style and taste from all of this stuff!
    way to stay strong and realize all of the stuff that you DON'T need :)

  2. Great list of things you don't need Jen! I really like those pretty yellow sheets though. I don't need them either. . .

  3. Very cute post Jen! I know, it's SO hard to say NO! Why do we think we're entitled to so much? I'm working on getting that in perspective now...

  4. Don't forget that I offered to pay for you and Ben to take a Financial Peace class this summer, while Ben is out of school.
    Daddy and I have an Oval mirror is you would like it to try to paint and glue pretty little things to it.
    Love, Mom

  5. I love it all, especially that canopy bed! *Sigh* Fortunately, for all of us thrifty folks, the price tag at Anthro makes it a little easier to say No. :)


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