Wednesday, May 12, 2010

celebrations: birthdays and birth days

recently we celebrated two old lady birthdays.  of course it was the perfect opportunity to eat lots of food and laugh too loud in public places.  someone took a group pic of us but i've yet to see it.  so this is what i have to share.
friends.  megan is so old.
in her old age she kept asking me to take really creepy pictures of her.  so i did it.  it was her birthday afterall.

this was the other guest of honor.  jenna.  we love to celebrate jenna.  we celebrate jenna any chance we get.  but this happened to be her actual birthday.  you can see my excitement about the day she came into the world.

.more friends.
  {ps my camera flashes violently for 'red eye reduction.  what a great feature}
{pss katie, i was supposed to borrow that vest yesterday, it was a tuesday.}

on to the next celebration.  you're going to be exhausted from so much virtually partying.

my cousin cindy is preggers and we had a baby shower for her!  it was thrown by her sister, darae {who is a fabulous caterer} and my other cousin, maggie.  all of these cousins are a bit older than me so i think of them all as aunts.  i basically have a dozen aunts. 

i was being a terrible photographer that day, so i didn't do any aspect of the shower justice but i tried.  it was darling and classy.  another guest made this precious center piece.  do you spy a little friend "hanging" out?
my favorite part of course.  the yummy yums.
they had all kinds of flavored italian soda.  i loved all the bottles.
the colors were bright green & black.  i loved it.  very sophisticated for a little one.
.our side of the family.
momma & gran
.some of the little ladies.
it was such a great time and we are so excited for rob & cindy!  we can't wait to meet the little guy.


  1. Fun! 1 question: why is Katie attacking Megan's face in that picture???

  2. You look much more well behaved at the second party!! Hmmmm...


  3. Looks like a great time! UFUN!

  4. Sounds like you had a blast! So much celebrating going on! Hope your day was a good one - talk soon...

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  6. somehow I still have a red eye...

    After all of those flashes!!!

    Dangit, bright blue eyes.


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