Tuesday, February 2, 2010

.a craft that didn't kill me.

you may remember the super sweet jewelry organizer from pb i discussed {here}.  you also may remember that we decided that everything in that whole catalog can be made by us {you & me}.  this isn't identical but  i saw a similar idea at my friend donielle's house & i stole it.  thanks doni.

this weekend at hobbly lobby i got a 8 X 10 frame that i thought was pretty {50% off} & a sheet of plastic canvas for needle point {$0.33}.  i used scissors & 1 sheet of card stock that i already had at the house.
something i didn't notice when i was purchasing the frame is it's depth.  i think that most people that do this project have to leave off the back of the frame {making it an open frame}. mine had TWO panes of glass and a big chunk of foam so i had plenty of room to add in my cardstock, plastic canvas & earrings while still being able to close the frame and use the stand that originally came with it.
here are some shots of the finished product.  not yet living in its permanent home.
i really like the way it turned out.  a sweet way to store dainty items.
on to my next hobby lobby project. we refinished the outside of our office desk {here}. now to fancy up the inside of our office desk.  as you can see the inside of the drawers were just a tad shabby.  {i'm being sarastic}. 
i purchased some 12 inch by 12 inch paper that i thought would look good in the room.  it is patterned, gray and black.  i thought the gray may stand up a little better than white for the bottom of a heavily used drawer.  cut paper to size, add a coat of modge-podge {or hodge podge as ben calls it} and ta-dah...newly lined,  much cuter desk drawers!

what would happen if you married these little glass knobs & this vintage coke bottle?
the stork would drop off these twin candlestick holder babies.  i think they are darling.  they were $1 a piece at good will.  i think they will live in our guestroom.  everything will live in our guest room.

to top it all off.  when hubby brought in the mail last night i was overwhelmed with wonderful things.  i received some joel dewberry fabric to make curtains for our den, a new pottery barn catalog {for more inspiration of course} & our engagement pictures. delightful. 

i went to go get our cd of engagement pics and was devastated  to find that it was not in its rightful case.  thank goodness our sweeter than sweet photographers {michael & mickie winters} still had it on file & sent me a new copy right away.  i would have cried if they were gone forever. 

what great gifts from the postal service...so much better than bills!
ps. - i updated my ' that's amore monday ' post if you want to check back {or scroll down}.
.lots of bloggy love.


  1. will you share how you make the curtains?! please! i was actually thinking about purchasing that fabric to make some curtains myself...

  2. your desk is adorable! also, i love the jewelry holder - you and Doni could open up a business as she made an unbelievable amount of them this year as christmas gifts for her YL small group girls! you you've been wafty-crafty girl!

  3. You are so dang crafty! I love it!

  4. So you did start a PB factory in your garage! Haha. Love the jewelry organizer - so simple & cute. Also love the patterned paper for your desk! Can't wait to see the curtains you make.

  5. Oh my gosh I love your earring holder, so cute!

  6. love the knobs and inside of your drawers!

  7. are you really making curtains?? Please show me how. I got a sewing machine from my MIL and have NO clue how to use it!

  8. I love the jewelry organizer! I am going to have to make one really soon. Maybe I can even use it for the party.

  9. Cute, cute stuff! Love the drawers (and lamp) and great job on the earing holder - very crafty, lady!!

  10. Such fun stuff! And I'm in love with the earring holder...I need one of those!

  11. I love the earring frame idea!!! :)
    And of course the drawers are very cute and classy!!
    *big thumbs up*

  12. Jen-----seriously GREAT ideas here. My good friend's bday is coming up soon and I was freakin' out trying to find the perfect present (she is a fellow lover of all things "dainty"). The earring holder was PERFECT! Thank you!!!!


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