Saturday, February 6, 2010


if you have facebook i'm sure that you've seen that everyone changed their profile pic to their celeb look-alike last week.  it was supposed to be the person that most people tell you that you look similar to.  i LOVED looking at other people's...some i had never thought of for that person and was so excited for someone to point it out to me.  others i had known all along.  

i'm about 99% sure that i don't have a celeb look-alike.  if i do, no one has told me, and i doubt that would happen.  the only person i think i've ever been told was christina off laguna beach {season 1}, unfortunately she's not really a celebrity so i couldn't find any images of her.  just for fun i went to to see what they would say.  here are my results.  {i got an asian & a girl from the O.C., what a dream come true}.

who's your look-alike?  do you think you have a better one for me?  

i think my real look-alike is this lady...mi madre

our weekend retreat got cancelled due to bad weather in indiana which actually suits me quite well.  i'm so pleased to be home this weekend, relax with my hubby, hang out with friends & get things done.  hope you have a great weekend as well.

one last thought...did you notice anything new on the ol' bloggy blog?  you like?  i hope so!
its in honor of the impending love day celebration to come next week, aww i love love. 

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  1. You have a new header. . .I really like it! Cute picture of your Mom - you really do look like her! Hope your having a great weekend!


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