Friday, February 5, 2010

new sheriff in town

ben just pointed his "man of the house" finger at me and said "no more crafts this week, no more hobby lobby."

today is a sad day my friends. 
its raining cats & dogs.  the bottom of my jeans are soaked.  we just had to spend a bundle on new tires for lil pip {my car} and there is a craft ban plaguing our household. 

buuuuuuut lucky for me {and maybe you} i've already purchased lots of crafts and now just need to craft them.  i won't leave you in the dark.  when the accountant {benny} isn't looking i'll be crafting up a storm & then sharing it with blogland.

all joking aside, my hubby is such a blessing for watching over our finances & for helping so much with the "chores" of life.  i'm so very thankful, in fact, that i won't buy any new crafts this week {or month} & just use what i have stored away.


  1. I've gotten the ol' craft ban from my husband on quite a few occasions, and it's always a good opportunity to discover all the goods that I already have! Happy crafting, friend!


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