Tuesday, February 16, 2010

procrastination is my specialty

so maybe i've become a really bad blogger.  i have missed two weeks in a row of that's amore monday.  i love 'that's amore monday' what's wrong with me?!  i have just been on overload at work & at life so i've been a blogging slacker.  so sorry friends!  i've been able to post a little here & there things that i had "pre-written" but nothing new in the longest time.  i'm going to try and get back in the swing of things...starting... now.

this is going to be one of those jumbled-doesn't-make-any-good-sense posts.  but those are kind of fun sometimes right?

this past weekend we threw a baby shower for our bestie, cory.  she is due in march and it was so fun to get to celebrate their little bundle of joy that is on it's way.  i can't wait to share pictures with you of the festivities but since i didn't take any {not one} i'm hoping miss rachel will share with me...to share with you??  i did take a few pictures of us being crafty pre-shower so i'll be sure to get those up soon...like today.  i know you're dying  to see {he he he}.  who doesn't love a good ol' baby shower craft?   ben - quit laughing.  baby shower post to come.

not this weekend but the one before we had an impromptu 'craft night.'  our weekend retreat was cancelled so all of a sudden we had all kinds of time on our hands.  we made baby shower presents for the celebration mentioned above & others made homemade heating pads.  it was perfect.  the boys said "this is the saddest thing i have ever seen" when they walked in the house.  i say, what's wrong with a kitchen table filled with sewing machines & friends on a saturday night?  this isn't sad...this is pure joy.  craft night post to come.

sunday was valentine's day.  we didn't do anything too lovey dovey...we mainly hung out with friends in northern ky and with ben's family.  maybe not what some would call "romantic" but definitely a good day in my book!  we slept in, ate pancakes, had lunch with tay tay, visited the margraves & then came home for campaigners with the high schoolers where we had an AWESOME discussion about following the Lord with your life.  benny & i exchanged little gifts that i'd love to share later.  valentine's day post to come.

we went & saw valentine's day {the movie} last night & ate logan's.  i love 'dinner & a movie' dates.  ben laughed at me for choosing logan's or l.j.s. as my dinner date options.  he acted like most girls wouldn't pick those places...that couldn't possibly be true, right!?  i thought the movie was funny & sweet.  i think you could wait to rent it but it was a fun "date night" movie too.  now i just cannot wait  to see shutter island in a week, alice in wonderland in march & sex and the city in may.  cannot wait.

we have had a ton of snow here.  school has basically been cancelled forever...the kids are going to have to go to school until july.  i'm exaggerating but it seriously...is it spring yet?

up-coming projects that i already have in my possession:
--change the guest room bedding.
--set up the office bed
--repaint dresser for the guest room {i have the dresser, paint & primer, just need new knobs}
--repraint nightstand {same as above}
--redo sewing desk: need to prime & paint the top and then want to make a skirt for it following {this tutorial}...i don't have the fabric yet.  i just CANNOT choose an accent color for that room.  i'm the worst. 
--hang pictures & mirror on the walls, they are still bare
--make drapes for the den: just need to buy lining & i'm set to go.  i will be referencing {this tutorial}
crafting & renovation post{s} to come.

now to clean out my desktop.  here are some wonderful things that have been floating around my "blog folder" waiting to be shared with the world.  i'm setting them free.

my sweet rach set me {here} to see this {look down}  it is exactly what i want for our office.  a bed that can be set up as a couch.  the office / craft room needs to house some exact seating and an extra place for guests to lay their head.  i want this!  they used the top portion of a cheap bunk bed.  how do people find this amazing finds!?  share with me...please share with me.  also her blog is fantastic...look around if you can.

loved this display of jewelry on the wall.  so simple, just a few pieces in each frame but multiple frames so that it is art on its own.  functional, dainty art.
i don't know where i snagged this photo from but it's not mine.

these images are from decor8. 
 i love the cozy-ness of the first room, the blue-topped stairs of the second one & the patio furniture of the last.  oh how i'd love for it to be warm & breezy outside & just have a seat in the sun on our back deck. right now i'd be sitting on the deck {because we have no seating} & on top of a mountian of snow {becuase it just won't quit coming}. 

this image was found on apartment therapy.
i love this crazy looking craft room.  love it.  i actually have been coveting some wire baskets just  like those on the shelf.  and i want a shelf.  all to go over my sewing desk.  i can't find any cheap wire baskets...isn't that odd?   you'd think they'd be a dime a dozen all over the place.  maybe a flea market will be my answer?  thoughts?  non-colored baskets would be just fine with me...just metal...i'm not picky.  i want to fill them with scraps of fabric & ribbon & spools of thread.

i found this {here}. 
check out this uber-girly crafty space.  i'm pretty sure i don't need to say more. 

this was also found on decor8 from a furniture company named car mobel.
i love benches.  i think i've shared that love before.  if i haven't let me say it again.  i love benches.  entryway benches are one of my favorite varieties.  i love everything about this room.  check out the details pretty please.  every single detail.

do you have any nonsense that you need to get off the brain...please feel free to share.
so until next time...which will hopefully be very very soon...farewell.


  1. I love those craft rooms! Definitely try a flea market for the wire baskets...I have seen those from time to time at the flea market that is close to me. Plus you can never go wrong with a flea market any way! :)

  2. It looks like you have some great ideas cooking.:) Craft rooms are the best! I gave away my craft room to my husband for a workout room, but ooooooh, how I long to have it back. That craft room from Heather's blog is perfection!!

  3. Wow - you've been busy! Can't wait to see the stuff you are working on. I love that crazy looking craft room too. . .love how it looks a little messy but is still really organized. I hear ya on those wire baskets. I would love a bunch of them but whenever I see them @ antique fairs/stores they are usually around $15 each! I mean, come on - I'm not going to spend that much on one wire basket!

  4. my dear friend, go to Gordman's right now, b/c those SAME WIRE BASKETS are there for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!!!

  5. I love those spaces!!! It's a crafters dream!

  6. What a great place! I can't wait to see how everything finish's out.

  7. I had to laugh about the boys comment when they walked in and saw all those sewing machines! They just don't get it!!!

    Thanks for your sweet words--I'm so glad that you like our little daybed. Good luck with all your projects--they sound like fun!


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