Monday, February 1, 2010

that's amore monday

today for 'that's amore monday' i just wanted to be a sharer.  is that a word?  i just wanted to share some goodies i got over the weekend.  i love sales & deals & clothes & crafts & that's the love i'd like to share today.

first of all...i'm baaaaack!  maybe you didn't miss me but i feel like i've been a little out of commission lately.  i had hoped to do some projects this weekend & then {of course} share them with you.  unfortunately a migraine took over my life saturday evening & didn't leave until monday morning, and i still feel a twinge of it even now.  so perhaps needless to say, i neither did projects nor shared them.  sorry {spoken in the gilly voice}.

something that was accomplished were errands & a hang out.  saturday morning i woke up bright & early.  a woman on a mission.  i knew hobby lobby was calling my name, so i answered {duh}.  we were expected to get a blizzard here in lexington.  it looked like there was about 5 inches of snow on my car.  was that going to stop a woman with a shopping list?  heck no! 

as i drove down nicholasville road good ol' old navy was whining at me too {these stores are so needy}, so i obliged & stopped there as well.  they were having a 30% everything in the store sale.  even if it was on clearance.  i was just going to get this little cheap cardigan but once i saw those sale signs there was just no turning back.  i was doing math all over old navy.  10% of $12 is $1.20...$1.20 three times is $3.60...$12-$3.60 $8.40.  what a deal!  i had the largest arm full of  clothes i think i've ever accumulated there.  i tried on the arm-full, i didn't buy  the arm full.

i had good intentions to show you all the goodies i rounded up BUT old navy online hates me.  i'll take some shots & add them in later for you!  here's the update.  you've got to see these great finds.

i ended up getting a cardigan,

a long t-shirt dress {maxi dress} that i never thought i'd end up in since i'm kind of stumpy,

 a cozy, baggy long-sleeved tee,

a "b" keychain {impulse buy} 

& a pair of peacock blue, peep-toed flats. 

after swiping a birthday gift card i only spent $12 for all of that!  isn't that a good day of shopping?

here are somethings i loved but didn't buy:
boyfriend vest.  fit me perfectly :(

lightweight vest.  could even wear it in the summer.

super cute gray riding boots.  these were more expensive then i most likely would have paid {because i'm cheap} but they also didn't fit me well.  i think my arch is too high for this pair. they were trying to squash my arch!  beauty is pain right?  not for jen jen.

everything i like is gray.  sorry if i'm boring you with my 'blahness'.  it is just the way i was made.  i'm wearing gray right now.

then on to hobby lobby.  i strategically planned ahead to buy what was on sale for the week.  i made a list outlining the things i needed that lined up with the flyer.  i think people do this with grocery shopping.  i rarely grocery shop so i guess hob lob is my kroger.  most of the things i bought were for crafting gifts so i can't share them with you until they have been "given"  but don't worry i won't forget you, blogland.  i think i probably spent a hour or two scanning the isles.  it's tiring trying to be crafty.  i'll add some pics of what i can share later today....again, this was supposed to be the other half of the update.  i got a little crafty with my hobby lobby goods so i will post those separately.

here's a little rustic wire bin.  it's pretty small.  i'm going to fill it with goodies & nic-nacs & make it a home on a dresser or end table.

you may be thinking....jen why don't you just wait to post this until you have all the items you'd like to share?  that is a legitimate question.  my response...i have a friend name shannon who gets very fiesty when i slack on my monday post.  i thought i should go ahead and just do it sans full content so i don't endure angry text-mail.  this is for you shannie poo.

and finally our hangout.  we had some lil l.h.s friends over to watch uk beat vandy.  it was great.  oooohhhhh C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS!  i'll be chanting that from the stands TOMORROW!  i am so excited.  ben might faint.
so what about you?  did anyone out there find any fun finds this weekend?  any fun adventures?  i'd love to hear...

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