Tuesday, February 2, 2010

get hyped

two VERY exciting things are happening tonight.

1.  benny & i are going to see the university of kentucky wildcats take on ole miss.  we are going to cheer our little lungs out.  we are going to jump up & down.  we're going to holler & high-five.  we're going to dance & celebrate.  we are so excited.  look for us in the stands.
2.  the season premiere of LOST starts tonight.  what are the chances that we would have tickets to a game & lost would begin on the same night?  i mean..oh my goodness.  don't worry, i'm pretty sure that ben has had our dvr set up for weeks in anticipation for this event.  i can't wait to dive in head-first to this season.  we LOVE lost.  jin is my favorite.
will you be cheering on the cats?  will you be tuning into sawyer? 
hope your tuesday is just as exciting!


  1. We will be watching the game! I will let you know if we see you on TV! :)

  2. Found your blog through Amber's. Nice to meet ya! I just posted on Lost today too - we are HUGE fans :)

  3. I'm so jealous you'll be at the game! We went last week to South Carolina (and you know how that worked out). Go Cats!

  4. Ooh sounds like such a fun game!! Enjoy! I love college basketball.

  5. Happy Tuesday, Jen, and have a blast tonight at the big game!! I will...er...um...be cleaning my house tonight while you're cheering away. :)

  6. Have fun at the game tonight!! I will be on pins and needles watching our game (msu vs. wisconsin), but I'll have to keep updated on your score too :)

  7. 2 of my favorite things in the world.
    i only got to do 1/2 of them. but LOST was SO GOOD.


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