Sunday, February 5, 2012

15 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]: baby is about the size of an apple, orange or kit kat, 4" or so from crown to rump.  babeinski can move its limbs and joints [yay elbows!] and its legs are now longer than its arms.  it can sense light now even with its eyes closed & is forming tastebuds [hooray for senses!].  baby's neck is more well-formed so that its head doesn't have to rest on its shoulders anymore.  eyebrows, eyelashes and hairs on top of their head are coming in.  babe can wiggle its fingers and toes.

gender: only 4 days until we find out!  is this real life?  i hope  hope hope that little babe isn't modest on thursday!

movement: everyone says babe is moving all over and that it shouldn't be long before i feel it myself.  i've been trying to be in tune to see if i feel anything.  so far i think i'm just imagining flutters - nothing definitive so far.

momma developments: same -feeling fantastic.  still a little bit tired.  i've been taking naps when i can [as all the literature suggests, and who rebel against that?].  still have nosebleeds but that's about all.  i think my belly popped yesterday.  all of a sudden i feel much bigger!  this is what i see when i look down.
total weight gain: 4.5-.5-5 pounds [depending on when you weigh me]

maternity clothes: i haven't worn any maternity clothes yet but i want to!  my pants feel too tight and i don't really have anything i can do about it until i go shopping.  on friday i wore my "fat jeans" but i feel so icky in them that i really gotta do something.  it's possible for me to button all my regular jeans, it just isn't very comfortable.  dresses, tights & leggings are my new best friends.  i bought my first maternity something.  it's a $6 dress from old navy.  it's purple, with lacy, its sleeveless and jersey and i'm thinking in about 2 months i'll be able to wear it through spring with a cardigan and all summer long by itself.  deal!

cravings: i wanted pizza hut cheese sticks all week and when i was blow drying my hair today i wanted cocktail sauce?  weird.  but STILL no must-have-cravings or weird developments.

anything hard?
still balancing life & all the crazy thoughts/planning that go through my head.

waiting to find out if a little lady or gentleman is in there - i get SO curious.

deciding on a name.  ben & i like some of the same things, and some not - how will we ever decide what a little one will be called for the rest of their lives!?

never forget:  i hope i never forget talking to you while we're driving around town.  i hope we never cease in praying for your little life & that it wold glorify the Lord.

baby info sources:
baby center
parents connect
baby zone


  1. I had no idea you were pregnant!! Congrats to you both!

  2. ahhh:)
    love baby b.
    i'll get cheesesticks with you.

  3. Oh, you have the cutest little baby bump! I smiled when I read the part about choosing a name for your baby. When we were trying to decide on a name I was a little overwhelmed - it felt like such a big responsibility to choose a name that our son would live with forever!

  4. I can't believe how much your shape has changed in the last week. I think that little one is running out of room to hide.


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