Thursday, February 9, 2012

tutu's or mustaches?

today is the day!  we find out who exactly is growing so big in my belly.  excited doesn't really begin to explain what we're feeling i don't think.  i can't wait to see it on that little screen again - see it moving all around.  it is such a comforting feeling to know & see that it's ok in there.  i know that my confidence shouldn't lie in that, i'm trying to give up that control but it really is such an amazing thing to see the baby with your eyes.  and to know if it is a little he or a little she.  ugh - icing on the cake!  i cannot hardly wait.  i'm excited to not call it and 'it' anymore.  i'm excited to dream of what that little itty bitty is like in there.  start planning where he or she will live.  have a name - is it 5:30 yet?

my guess is a sweet little girl

feel free to leave your guess for little ballerina or football player too so you can gloat over your victory in the comment section.

what will be filling our closets soon?

things for a little gentleman?
or a little lady?

 [all baby items from zara]


  1. I am so excited for you. My guess is a little girl. I can't wait to hear the news.

  2. My guess would be based on the Chinese Birth Chart...but since I don't know exactly when you did the fingers are crossed for a little ballerina! :D

  3. My guess is a boy, but I'm hoping for a girl:) Also, I love ALL those baby clothes. Can you have twins so we can get them all for you??! I'm pumped.

  4. I say girl, too!!! (I might have been persuaded more by the clothes you included at the end of the post rather than any real sense of intuition or rationality....It was over when I saw the tiny, little, ruffled trench coat....)

  5. I guess girl for sure :) And I love all of those baby things. I would wear them all ... the boy things too :)

  6. i'd love another little jen jen running around :)

  7. Those clothing picks are the cutest. :) Can't wait to hear an update on what you found out!


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