Friday, February 24, 2012

family time: florida

last weekend i was able to go on an albeit short but very very sweet weekend trip to florida.  i set off with my two cousins [who i call aunts] for a non-stop flight to tampa to meet up with a handful of our family.  every year they meet up for at least a weekend & when time allows, i'm blessed to come along too. 
our trip consistented of eating, shopping, eating, relaxing, eating & other merriment.  it was so fun to see family that i rarely get to see, catch up with my parents & my grandparents too.  i was able to read [what what hunger games!] and to take naps.  everyone was worried about me getting tired since i'm prego, but i was tired so maybe my face looked that way.  my naps were / are a very prized treat. 
i have such sweet family.  i am beyond blessed to have so many beautiful, kind people in my life.  these people are generous with big hearts & i just don't know how one girl got so many strong people to look up to.  you hear about so many difficult families and i just look around at all my different relatives, time and time again & just can't get over it.  on all sides, in laws included, i'm just surrounded by amazing people.  i am truly blessed.
i played with my parents' puppies, they are little rascals.  i saw the sun a little.  one day was a bit overcast but it was just nice to be outside.  lexington is actually nice enough to play outside right now but sadly i spend most of my day inside and after work its nearly dark!  warmth and sun are two things i crave.  summer mission: be outside, a lot.
thank you mom & pop [below] for bring me / having me down.  it was so good to see you all.  i'm glad we got to visit.  my first night mom & i stayed up too late looking up ridiculously expensive baby furniture and planning nurseries.  i liked that.  i still have done nothing about where baby will live, if you're wondering.  speaking of little girls, i'm really excited for little babe to know all these people too!
this was the trip that i mentioned where i first felt baby from the outside in the middle of the night.  she hasn't stopped rolling around and poking since then. i really like that about her.  i like having little reminders that she's in there and ok, although i do wonder if she feels really cramped.  bellies just aren't that big to have as your one room apartment.

someday i hope to go visit these fellas too.  and bring the littlest princess out to california to visit her uncles.  i know she would just love them!
thank you family for a fun, relaxing trip just soaking up good company.  i love you all dearly!

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