Monday, February 27, 2012

18 weeks

WEEK 18:
what's cooking? [new baby things]: i've read that babe was probably anywhere from 5"-6" inches long this past week, about the size of a pickle or bell pepper from crown to rump. babe weighs about 5-7 oz. she's covered in goo, i won't tell you the words they use to describe it but apparently the goo does all sorts of good things.  her nerves are developing a bunch this week. she should be moving all over the place [and is!] & maybe yawning and hiccuping now.

gender: a little lady is in our midst!  4 more days until we get to double confirm her girliness.  still no name.  i keep asking her but she just kicks. i don't know what that means.

movement: lots and lots!  she is moving so much.  she surprises me all the time & i love the little reminders that she's there [even though it is just like having an alien in your belly].  i think she's rolling around, stretching out, kicking & adjusting.  the movements feel stronger and stronger to me but ben has mainly felt faint pokes and only a few strong ones.  sweet jenna got kicked at biblestudy this past week.  it was awesome.

momma developments: i'm doing great.  still feel like i'm growing.  i had one headache this past week but our weather has been crazy [hot one day, freezing the next, sun, rain, snow...all of it].  i think it does something crazy to my sinuses and just makes my face hurt.  i've been pretty tired and i'm wondering if we're about to go through a growth spurt, even though no info really says that we are.  sleeping is a little more difficult / less comfortable all of a sudden.  i've been waking up more and then had trouble getting in a comfortable position to go back to sleep.  but don't worry, i definitely rested up for you this weekend ;)

total weight gain: 8-8.5 pounds.  the 10 pound day last week must have been a freak thing because i've pretty much leveled off at 8 or 8.5 pound gain every other time i check in.  i feel pretty good about that with the time i have left in the trimester.

maternity clothes: all of my tops are regulars for the most part but i have switched over to all maternity pants, skirts or leggings at this point.  i haven't gone shopping again but my dear friend mandy did loan me lots of options.  some will have to wait until i grow more, or for spring but i am thrilled to have a few more options when that rolls around.

here is the one maternity top i've bought so far.  it was under $3 at old navy, i kind of had to do it.  a basic tee for $2.00-something? and the jeans are the one pair i've purchased so far, from old navy too.  $25.  they aren't perfect but they work...for now!
cravings:  no serious cravings this week!  i've just wanted to eat a lot of food?

anything hard?
still having selfishness & control issues.  hoping to rely on the Lord and his plans instead of working toward my own ends.

never forget: i'll never ever forget the few times that your pop has felt you move.  the big movements are my favorite for him to see / feel.  i wish that i could share you with him more but for now you're kind of just mine [which is weird].  it is a huge blessing to get to carry you around with me for these months.  i loved that you kicked auntie jenna.  she's my first friend [non-spouse] to feel you i think.  very exciting.  you kicked right on cue.  you have a few little dresses now and i can't wait to put you in them.  we're only 2 weeks away from halfway and that makes me feel like a crazy.  there is just so much i want to do and prepare for before you arrive.  this weekend you went on your first little getaway.  i'll write about it later but i think that you had so much fun on your little 'family' outting.

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  1. I need to see you soon & feel that babe kick! I also can't wait for a name...SO exciting!!

  2. ahhhh baby!!! she must like me since she kicked me. i think that's what that means :) can't wait to meet her and take all the pictures of her!

  3. Jen, you MUST get a pregnancy body pillow. I think they are like $60 but worth every penny!

  4. I agree about the body pillow. I almost can't wait for my next pregnancy JUST so I have the excuse for it to take up the entire bed again. *sigh of bliss*


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